12 People Share What They Think Is Unnecessarily Expensive

It’s crazy how much things cost these days.

I got a new timing belt for my car not too long ago.

Ouch! That cost a pretty penny…but I guess I need one that works to make my car move, you know what I’m saying?

But still…pretty pricey.

What do you think is unnecessarily expensive?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts…

1. Fingers crossed…


I can’t afford to spend $300 on a new set, so just keep a couple old ones around and hope they do something if I ever need to use them.

Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, but one of these days I’m sure we’ll find out…”

2. Ridiculous.

“Printer Ink

20 Cents to make

60 Dollars to buy.”

3. Criminal.


I’m not diabetic but I have a diabetic friend who, just this past year, had to go through a bunch of bullshit because his insurance stopped paying for the specific kind of insulin he had been using, and his refill was denied.

He had to scramble to either find thousands of dollars to get a couple vials of the stuff, or fight the insurance company into paying for the same medication he has relied on to stay alive for the past X years already, or literally book a plane ticket to another f**king country to buy the exact same medication there because it’s so cheap literally anywhere but the USA that it’s cheaper to fly internationally, book a hotel, rent a car, buy the insulin there and then fly home again.”

4. I had no idea.


It’s ridiculous how expensive they can be and if you got bigger breasts, but not automatically the bigger waist, your f*%#d.

Also the ability to choose from different models, patterns, materials and colours are lacking in bigger sizes.”

5. Out of control.

“Basically all prescription medication in the United States.

I try not to think about it too much because it makes me so d**n angry.”

6. Sounds about right.


My professor in college wrote 3 books and made us buy them all for his class.

About $200 total.”

7. A big dent in the wallet.

“Disney!! Everything at Disney is SOOOOO expensive!!

Don’t get me wrong the times I’ve been to Disney have been incredible, but oof it put a dent in my dad’s wallet.”

8. Sucks.

“Being poor.

Years ago, I was having car trouble and couldn’t afford the repairs. I knew I wouldn’t pass the state inspection, so I took my chances, because I still had to work and public transportation wasn’t going to get me there. Every time I got pulled over, I had to take time off work, go to court, pay court fees.

And, if the fines aren’t paid in time, they either increase or your license is suspended, meaning you can’t get to work. Meanwhile, I could have been using that money to save up for the repairs I needed.”

9. Very expensive.

“Art supplies.

I’m slowly rebuilding a studio for myself and last time I had everything I did I dropped maybe 200$ at my local art shop.

That’s for and easel drop cloth, canvases, and a few odds and ends. I’ll be lucky to even find an easel that’s less than $200 today!”

10. Crazy!

“Food at theme parks.

This is so underrated.

I was in a theme park once and got thirsty but didn’t have any water on me. A normal sized bottle of water from the vending machine was $6.”

11. Life in general.

“Housing, health insurance, food, clothing, weed, etc.

I could go on, but yeah, life is just unnecessarily expensive.”

12. Extravagant.


You think your Rolex provides higher quality time than any NTP enabled device?

Definition of unnecessary extravagance, in my opinion.”

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