What’s Evil but Not Illegal? Here’s What People Had to Say.

I don’t think I’m saying anything too outrageous when I say that there are a lot of things in the world that are evil…but not illegal.

It can be depressing to think about, but it’s just the way it is…

And these AskReddit users have some serious thoughts about this subject.

Check out what they had to say.

1. Don’t like it.

“Making fake Xs on mobile game ads.

Or all of the mobile game ads.

Seriously how can they use fake and misleading advertising and just say ‘this may not represent the real game’ and get away with it.”

2. Predators.

“Payday loans.

They target people that are suffering badly, and then k**l them with through the roof interest rates.

I took one out to build my credit, knowing full well what I was getting into, but now they just constantly call asking if I want to take out another loan.

Like no thanks. Lose my number.”

3. Yowza!

“Blowing out someone else’s birthday candles

My stepson did that to some girl on her 5th birthday, because “he thought birthdays were only for him.”

They’re both 10 now and she still hasn’t forgiven him.”

4. Over the top.

“That super heavy duty plastic casing on some new products that is nearly impossible to open.”

5. Ridiculous.

“Insider trading by US Congress members.

Technically that’s illegal. I say “technically” because it is against the law, but when is the last time any of them got prosecuted for it?”

6. This sounds personal.

“Taking away someone’s promotion 24 hours before it begins because you decided to give it to a buddy of yours instead, inventing a ridiculous reason like you missed too many days four months ago.”

7. Man…

“Civil forfeiture. P

olice can take stuff from people suspected of involvement with crime or illegal activity without necessarily charging them with any sort of wrongdoing.”

8. Pretty dumb.

“Banks charging you atm fees. Banks telling you how many transactions you can make a month. Banks allowing people to take more money out of your account than you currently have and then charging you large fees if you don’t replace it that same day.

Banks using your money and other peoples money to make money for themselves but charging you money to keep your money with them. Banks making billions of dollars in overdraft fees every year. Its literally to the point where you cannot function in society without a bank account either so you don’t even have a choice in most parts of the world.”

9. Not buying it.

“Human Resource Departments pretending like they protect employees, when actually the opposite is the case.”

10. Wow.

“When someone has used a roll of saran wrap irresponsibly and it tears unexpectedly, creating an infinite breach deep into the multiple inner layers of unused saran.

The culprit gets enough wrap for what they needed, so they walk away, clueless as to the hell they left for you. There is no longer a beginning. There is no end.

There is just you, desperately trying to find where the breach is so that you can unite the layers of saran wrap back into one united, usable sheet once again.”

11. Make this illegal!

“People who walk around with backpack speakers, blasting their music for everyone to hear.

Buy headphones because no one wants to hear your music.”

12. Terrible cycle.

“Bringing kids into the world when you are mentally f**ked and taking your issues out on them.

Which in turn f**ks them up. The cycle continues.”

What do you think is evil, but not illegal.

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