12 People Share What TV Show They Think Had the Perfect Ending

One of my favorite TV shows growing up (and of all time) was The Wonder Years.

I watched that show religiously every week and I was pretty bummed when it was announced it was going off the air.

And that finale…? Don’t even get me started.

It was so sad that just thinking about it right now makes me get a little bit weepy…so I’d have to say that was my perfect ending for a TV show.

Folks on AskReddit talked about what TV show they think had a perfect ending.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. The story of Don Draper.

“Mad Men.

I love the way that Don’s apparent spiritual enlightenment actually turns out to be a way for the ad industry to appropriate the counterculture.

Just as it does with everything else, and as it continues to do with social and environmental movements today.”

2. Spoilers!

“Breaking Bad.

Walter chose his own d**th after he checked everything on his to-do list, giving his family the money, setting Jesse free from the neo-N**is and k**ling them, his last enemies.

No one could k**l Heisenberg except for Heisenberg. He d**s in a meth lab, the place where he felt most alive, and the song, Baby Blue, is a perfect choice. Absolutely stunning show.”

3. All kinds of emotions.


God I loved that show. I thought I was going to be alright, until the hallway scene. When he saw Tracy again, I knew I was going to crumple like the tissues I was about to need.

Spent that scene cry laughing. Finally calmed down just in time for the ‘Book of Love’ scene. I was a disaster after that.”

4. Community.


You had Jeff finally realize that he’ll never leave Greendale (because he is needed there and tolerates being there) the send-off with Annie and Abed, that second hug he gives Abed like a thank you for everything, the “Drop Dead Fred” kiss goodbye with Annie and the ending scene in the bar where Britta works, everybody cheers and says this is the storyline for season 7.

It makes you laugh, then cry then laugh again. The ending scene of the family playing the “community board game” and realizing they only exist in the commercial…and the disclaimer that Dan Harmon gives.”

5. Intense.

“Burn Notice.

Michael and Fiona faking their d**ths to escape to a secluded cabin to start a new life after 7 whole intense seasons was the cherry on the sundae.”

6. A good one.

“Six Feet Under was the first show that came to mind for me.

So moving and true to the premise.

I loved it and think it really reflected back on the whole series with a flourish.”

7. Remember this one?


Chase taking over the department was the cherry on top for me. It took the ending from good to perfect.

He can carry on House’s legacy, maybe with a bit more sanity.”

8. Cheers to you.


One of my all time favorite finales. Great example of a powerful episode without anything major happening at the end. Just life going on as it always has. Cheers is on that list of shows where you could easily apply the “It was Purgatory all along” theory, but that’s kind of the point of the show.

Most of these people are in the place where they expect to stay indefinitely, for better and for worse, and the finale captures that bittersweet feeling perfectly.”

9. It’s a mystery.

“Monk was perfect in setting up one last mystery for him to solve to tie the show up completely.

Make you feel like you’ve been short changed and then give you the ending you were missing immediately.”

10. A tough one.

“The Shield.

So tragic, and not in the way you’re expecting. Perfectly fitting. For me that show is as close to pitch perfect as anyone has come.

Peaky Blinders is close, as long as they don’t f**k up the final season.”

11. A heart to heart.


Both David Tennant and Olivia Colman had great chemistry and you just wanted them to sit down and have a heart to heart.

And that’s what they did.”

12. Minds blown.

““Newhart. “

Comedian Bob Newhart had a popular 70s sitcom, The Bob Newhart Show,” in which he played a psychiatrist living in a big city, with a beautiful brunette (out-of-his-league) wife played by Suzanne Pleshette. He was the straight man reacting to the eccentric people around him. Show ended, years went by.

He then popped up with a new popular sitcom in the 80s called “Newhart,” where he played an author who retires from New York City to rural Vermont with a beautiful out-of-his-league blonde wife, played by Mary Frann.

She happened to wear a LOT of tight fuzzy sweaters. They purchase an historic Inn, and Bob again plays the straight man to all the eccentric employees and guests. The show was well received and went on for several years.

The last scene of the “Newhart” finale was Bob Newhart waking up from a crazy dream and shaking his wife awake to tell her about it. Wife turns over, turns on the light and and it’s Suzanne Pleshette, and they are on the old “Bob Newhart” set (or facsimile). He tells Suzanne about his crazy dream, and ends with a request she should wear tight sweaters.”

Our 80s minds were Blown.

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