12 People Talk About Online Rabbit Holes You Can Lose A Lot Of Time In

There’s a website called The Charley Project that I find myself perusing a lot of nights before I go to bed and it is CREEPY.

The site contains stories about people who vanished without a trace and there are literally thousands of them on there…and it’s really spooky stuff.

AskReddit users shared dark rabbit holes that you might want to look into online if you have a taste for the morbid…take a look…

1. Unusual creatures.


It’s interesting to say the least but there are so many things that make you question what is out there in the world that we haven’t discovered yet.

When I first got into it I thought cryptids were more like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster but there are hundreds or even thousands of other weird and unusual sightings of creatures many haven’t even heard of.”

2. Terrifying.

“Fire disasters. And then never feel safe in an indoor crowded space ever again.

There’s actually video on YouTube of the Great White disaster and it’s utterly horrifying how incredibly quickly it happens and seeing the people literally stuck in the doorway unable to get out as they burn to d**th.

As someone who still goes to a lot of shows at small packed music venues exactly like that one (and other totally packed bars and clubs), I’m always constantly looking for exits to find the nearest escape path and it always freaks me out anytime there’s any fire in any indoor space (candles/sparklers/pyrotechnics/etc).”

3. Even more of it…

“This leads into the rabbit hole of crowd crush. The way that large crowds of people take on the properties of a fluid, and the waves to look out for.

How chokepoints and exits get blocked, and the actions that cause mass panic.

I went down that hole after Astro World. Absolutely terrifying.”

4. Jeez…

“Feral children.

I had to stop reading these accounts because it made me too sad seeing over and over that the “rescuers” almost always k**led the kids’ animal families and the children pretty much never had any quality of life after.”

5. Strange history.

“The history of bananas.

Look up Chiquita!

From paying terrorists to child labor, they have a huge list of interesting corruption cases they’ve been caught for.”

6. Interesting.

“Mass hysteria.

There are different kinds that have affected different cultures in different ways. Multiple times throughout history, groups of people have uncontrollably danced themselves to d**ths.

In other parts of the world, men can become stricken with the belief that their penis is receding into their bodies; it was often believed the only way to prevent this from happening overnight was for family members to hold their members etc.”

7. Corruption.

“Money laundering and how laundered money flows around the world.

Most info is public from government agencies like the CIA and State Department.”

8. Weird.

“Unusual d**ths.

Denver Lee St. Clair, 58, was asphyxiated by an “atomic wedgie” administered by his stepson during a fight.

After he had been knocked unconscious, the elastic band from his torn underwear was pulled over his head and stretched around his neck, strangling him.

The stepson was sentenced to thirty years in prison.”

9. Disease.

“Prion diseases. Every single one is weird and dark.

It includes c**nibalism and family curses. And deers walking on two legs.

And industrial farming + forced cow cannibalism.”

10. Vigilante justice.

“The town of Skidmore, Missouri in the US.

It’s sort of a small topic, but it leads in so many different directions. It’s most famous for the m**der of the town bully (that’s a mild name for him; he was horrible) in the middle of the day, on the main street, with a bunch of witnesses, but no one has ever been arrested.

But there’s also the later case of a woman who was m**dered and her unborn baby stolen and even later a teenager (who was related to the murdered woman) just disappeared and is thought to have been taken by a serial k**ler.

All this in a town of fewer than 200 people. I’m not superstitious, but I also wouldn’t move there.

There is a documentary on Sundance about the bully, but the best introduction is a book called In Broad Daylight. From there, you just get farther and farther down tangential paths, trying to figure out WTF happened. Less info on the two later cases, but still an internet black hole you can fall into for days.”

11. The future…

“The wiki for the timeline for far future events. If you want to feel insignificant and learn some s**t, check this out.”


12. Ahhhhhh!

“The history of lobotomies and c**nibalism.

I have spent more time researching these topics than the time taken to write a 90 page essay.

Super fascinating if you don’t get grossed out.”

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