If You’re An Introvert… What’s The Worst SItuation You Can Be In? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I think I straddle the line between introvert and extrovert so I can see this situation from both sides of the fence…

With that being said, there are still a lot of things that make me nervous to even think about when it comes to crowds and a lot of people.

Read on to see what situations AskReddit users think would be nightmares for introverts.

1. Not my scene.

“Going to a nightclub.

Someone thought I got drugged at a nightclub once because I was so bored I almost fell asleep at the table. A nice girl came up, pulled me away from my companions and asked if I’m ok and if I know those guys.

I said thanks for looking out but it’s just that nightclubs aren’t my scene. Good to know there are still people in the world like that, though!”

2. The worst.

“I h**e being the center of attention, so I specifically request my birthday be removed from the monthly calendars that are distributed company- wide. My former department director looked my birthday up anyway.

He threw a surprise birthday party with cake and the entire department sang to me. I pushed through it, but h**ed being surrounded be a bunch of people that I didn’t care for.”

3. End it now!

“When the person you’ve been forced into meaningless small-talk with just straight-up does not read your subtle cues that you prefer to be left the f**k alone.”

4. Now what?

“Showing up at a party where you are supposed to meet a friend and they are late.

Or your friend disappears and talks with someone else and you’re stuck alone by yourself.”

5. Yikes.

“For me, the nightmare thought is prison or military life or anything with barracks-style living accommodations. I’m not “shy” or socially anxious.

Being an introvert, to me, means I just don’t have a large supply of social fuel in my tank. I can be charming and friendly in conversation, I’m not afraid to give a speech in front of a group.

My problem is that I just can’t do these things all day. After I run out of energy, I need to go and find a quiet place to be by myself away from people in order to get my energy back. The thought of living in a large room with many other people and no chance to ever be alone give me the heebie-jeebies.

Extroverted people gain energy from social situations. Introverted people lose energy. That’s the key difference. In fact, I enjoy being friendly and outgoing with people. I just can’t do it for very long.

Once my tank runs dry, I’m out. I’m leaving. I’ll be under that tree over there for a while. No, I don’t want “company.” No, I’m not mad. I’m just…done. See you tomorrow.”

6. Uh oh.

“When the bar is about to close, and I am so emotionally drained and ready to go home, then someone says, “Hey, let’s go to the bar around the corner that’s open till dawn!””

7. Just make it up.

“Projects in which we need to go and talk to random people and get their opinion on something.

I just made up imaginary people and wrote random opinions.”

8. A different perspective.

“Introverted cop here.

Testifying in court sucks, especially when you’re doing it solo and don’t have a prosecutor just asking you questions.

Solo is like 90% of all testimony though.”

9. No time to decompress.

“Travelling with a group where you get no downtime.

No private rooms, no chance to read or sit in silence, always having to do something with at least one other person.”

10. Not cool.

“I’m about to have to go to my neighbors for dinner and it’s eating me alive.

Thanks a lot, wife.

Why can’t people just leave me alone?”

11. No more of that.

“Small talk.

If I’m gonna give you my attention and take myself out of my inner world you’d better have something stimulating to talk about.”

12. An eternity in HELL.

“Your parents force you to go to a summer camp because “they loved going to camp when they were kids!”. It’s one where you’re not allowed a phone, sleep in a cabin with 12 other kids plus two of the most peppy, overly upbeat, overbearing camp councilors ever to exist.

It’s day one of a week long camp. The morning starts with a 6am wakeup shout from Councilor A, who leads the cabin in a morning song before you’re led to the communal showers. After everyone is dressed it’s time for breakfast at the mess hall, where the camp leader has everyone sing the camp motto song before food is served. The food is everything you h**e in particular.

The day is then filled with a barrage of group activities: Rockwall, group crafts, a talent show, swimming in a gross pond (in a bathing suit you h**e that makes you feel self conscious), more camp songs, a SECOND talent show (WHY?!), overly competitive sports, etc.

Finally after singing for the 100th time dinner is over and people return to their cabins to sleep. Your councilors however decide before bedtime everyone needs to sit in a circle and share with the group about their lives. This share circle is going to happen every night of camp. One final obstacle each day to the minor reprieve that is lights out.

It’s been six days of this level of constant over hyped interaction. It’s lights out after the last day. You’ve done it, you survived. You go to sleep knowing tomorrow you get to go home. At 6am you are startled awake by your camp councilor. You’re filled with a sense of deja-vu and dread.

It dawns on you that this is Day 1 of camp all over again. You’re stuck in a time loop groundhog’s day style. An eternity of summer camp on repeat. An eternity in hell.”

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