13 People Talk About Nightmare Situations for Introverts

Are you an introvert?

If so, what situations give you the willies just by thinking of them?

You can probably come up with a bunch, right?

Read on and see if you think any of these scenarios that AskReddit users dreamed up make you nervous…

1. Oh, no.

“My college has put me in a shared room with a stranger who doesn’t speak English. There is no where for me to go and re-charge my social battery. I am losing my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my roommate. She seems real sweet but by God I need a minute to myself.”

2. Not me!

“Getting picked out of a crowd.

H**ed going to the circus as a kid just because this was always on the back of my mind.

When I went to a circus with my niece recently (I’m 28 now) I thought I overcame that fear.

Wrong. The person right beside me got picked. My heart stopped a little.”

3. Not gonna make it.


You mean there’s more stuff to do after the stuff we planned on doing?

I only have so much energy to deal with people and it was already used up.”

4. Nightmare fuel.

“Here’s mine: meeting a coworker that you don’t know very well on the train, locking eyes and having to engage in conversation for the next 30-40 minutes.

All you want to do is read your book, but there’s no way out and you decide to put up a brave front.

They’re not thrilled to see you because you already have a reputation for being kind of weird. The more you talk the weirder they think you are. You can see it in their eyes. Already you can hear the office gossip in your head: “Oh my God, guess who I was stuck on the train with…”

Nightmare fuel. Work from home was a blessing in this regard.”

5. OMG.

“A total surprise party for me at my place with everyone and their significant other so I’m essentially the 49th wheel at my own party.

K**l me now.”

6. Nooooooo!

“Wanna hang out this Saturday?”


Saturday arrives, 10 minutes before hangout time

“Oh also I invited my friend you have never met before to join us”

7. Absolutely not.

“A talent show with co-workers.

As someone who’s maybe not a full introvert but has a limit on my extroverted’ness… this happened to me and I basically said “no thanks”.”

8. Straight to voicemail.

“Phone calls.

Receiving and twice as bad having to make one.”

9. Stay away.

“Being at a social event and swarmed by a bunch of people who think introverts are zoo animals who need special attention.

“Are you okay?” “Do you need anything?””

10. Group projects are the worst.

“Being asked to do some group activity on such short notice and being put on the spot without having a legitimate reason for not wanting to do it aside from “I just don’t feel like it”.”

11. Is there a bed at this party?

“A party where all people do is stand around and talk. For hours.

I just want to be in bed with a book thanks.”

12. An awful experience.

“I went to a wedding with my gf and she was the only person I knew at the wedding.

She also was standing up in the wedding so during the ceremony and a good chunk of the reception I had to find a place to sit with strangers and talked to no one.

It was just awful.”

13. Dear God…

“Going to a party/event with a friend and immediately finding yourself alone amidst people you don’t know.

Dear. God.”

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