12 People Talk About Things Are Sure Signs of Low Intelligence

As much as I enjoy social media, I also think it’s helped to turn a huge portion of the population into legends in their own minds…and a lot of them also think they’re experts on just about everything.

And that, for me, is a sure sign of low intelligence.

Oh, you’re an expert on the law now?

Where did you go to law school?

Oh, you just watched a lot of L.A. Law?

I see…

People on AskReddit talked about what they think are signs of low intelligence.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. There you go.

“The Dunning Kruger effect

Dumbos think they are smart. While smarties will under guess their intelligence

To me personally, it’s the inability to justify you opinions and ideals.”

2. I’m brilliant.

“Self-procalimed high intellegence.

The smartest people I know don’t have to tell anyone they are smart, people are aware of this from the things that they say and do. The people I know who believe they are smart are thicker than treacle.

Some people have a bit of a big fish in a small pond thing going on, where their social group and work acquaintances lack intelligence and they’ve always felt like the smart one. In my experience the self belief then leads to them making fools of themselves outside of that group.”

3. Get a life.

“Fighting employees about the mask mandate that have to enforce it or they lose their job.

Fighting with retail workers in general like they have control over stuff.”

4. Do a little research.

“Posting clickbait articles in a rage because you couldn’t take the 5 seconds to do a quick Google search to verify the truth.

Then getting angry when someone points this out.”

5. You’re not wrong.

“People who watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


6. Who gives a s**t?

“Their conversations revolve solely around gossip, be it celebrity gossip or gossip within their ‘friend’ group.”

7. Yup.

“Shallowly “studying” a complex and difficult problem for a short time and believing you’ve hit upon a novel solution all the “so-called experts” have missed.

For reference, see Donald Trump suggesting that perhaps industrial disinfectants might be used to flush the virus from someone’s lungs, as if it’s coating them like a layer of pesky soap scum.”

8. You got a lot to learn.

“The assumption that you know all that is worth knowing.

People who are genuinely lower IQ have very little sense of wonder about the world.

Everything they need to know they already know and they believe anyone who is a specialist in an academic area is easily dismissed as a nerd or uninteresting.

I went to grad school for mathematics and encountered this all the time –“So you are one of those guys who hangs around all day and does long division?””

9. LOLz.

“No sense of humor.

Humor is one of the highest levels of intelligence.”

10. Everyone is different.

“Correlating actual intelligence with academic achievement.

I’ve met plenty of smart folks who only attained high school diplomas, and a few that didn’t even graduate or settled for a GED. There are some obvious limits to their knowledge, but they’re intelligent nonetheless.

Conversely I’ve met some extraordinarily stupid individuals with masters degrees and doctorates. Oh they can talk your ear off about their specific field, and even excell within it. Yet there is a core of stupidity in them that is almost offensive to behold.

All educational achievements, from graduating kindergarten all the way to a PhD boils down to completing a checklist of requirements. If you do the work satisfactorily and continue along the outlined path, you’ll graduate. There is no base level of intelligence or actual ability required at any level.”

11. Absolutely.

“Worshiping politicians should be high up there.

Claiming the government is trying to control you and then in the same breath worshiping the former president is absolutely insane.”

12. This is quite a list.

“Trying to follow 1950s cleaning advise and mixing cleaning supplies

putting coins and rocks on railroad tracks

fishing with dynamite while swimming in the water

eating random mushrooms you find in your yard

getting out of the vehicle to pet the hippos while on a safari

swimming with red piranha during the dry season

jumping into a river to save an “injured” kangaroo

picking up and taking a selfie with a blue ringed octopus on your hand

sticking your genitalia in a giant sea clam

forgetting what a mountain lions mating call sounds like and going towards the “crying baby” in the deep woods

playing with and handling fresh water snails

going to the isolated North Sentinel Island for with the intent to convert them to a religion

trying to play fetch with a wolverine

trying to pet a moose you found in the woods

trying to clean your toaster and take a bath at the same time.”

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