12 People Talk About Things They Just Don’t Want to Know About

If you’re anything like me, there are just some things in life you don’t ever, ever want to know about.

I won’t go into details, but I’m talking about EXTREMELY dark things that expose the worst parts of humanity.

And that stuff is out there if you want to find it…

What do you definitely NOT want to know about?

Let’s see how AskReddit users responded.

1. Disturbing.

“The story of Elizabeth Fritzl.

I’m so disturbed and angry for her and her family.”

2. Oh, man…

“The fact that I buried my hamster alive. I was 9 and neither I or my dad realized that he was hibernating.

I didn’t realize until years later when I was reading an article on hamster hibernation.

I buried my hamster alive and I feel terrible every time I think about it.”

3. Eek!

“I found a stray cat nursing newborn kittens.

While she was eating one of them.

That wasn’t fun.”

4. Awful.

“Emmit Till’s accuser admitting she lied about the whole thing.

This b**ch is still living, breathing, and never charged with any crime even after she admitted this in 2017.”

5. Freaked out.

“That blood is drained into the water systems by morticians.

Clearly it’s harmless, but it freaked me right out.”

6. What?!?!

“The bathrooms in some casinos have secret entrances.

Apparently its common for people to lose big on the tables, go into the bathrooms and k**l themselves.

Casino staff dont want to have to take the body out in public so they take them out the side door.”

7. If I could turn back time…

“I know the crushing sense of loss after “The One” broke off our engagement and married someone else seven months later.

Where’s that f**king time machine?”

8. I can’t imagine.

“I spent four years in politics.

It made me untrusting of everyone around me.

The things I saw…”

9. Insane story.

“What happened to that one dude who was sleeping on a bus somewhere in Canada.

He was sleeping on a bus and some crazy guy began s**bbing him to d**th. People had to just sit and watch as the psycho cut off the guys head. The police, who couldn’t get there in time as well as all the other people on the bus and outside watched in horror as the crazy person began to eat the de**pitated head of the man he just k**led.

The m**derer is now free because he was deemed mentally ill and apparently received treatment. Awful.”

10. Yikes.

“Up until the 1980s doctors just operated on babies without any type of anesthesia.

They believed babies didn’t feel pain.”

11. Mob justice.

“On the bottom of Lake Tahoe there are at least 200 old Mafia gangsters preserved because of the depth and temperature of the water.

This doesn’t account for the amount of Chinese immigrants who were brought to create the railroad system through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Instead of citizenship and pay which they were promised.

They were tied together and thrown to the bottom of Tahoe. Jack Cuesea was going to do a documentary about it years ago. But it was stopped because well known people said nope.”

12. I think you’re right…

“Most news.

I long for the days when global news took weeks to arrive, nations news was limited to the newspaper and nightly news, and local news was the local paper.

I also wish I knew far less about other people and their beliefs. It may have been superficial, but there’s something nice about only being able to judge someone by their actions and what they divulge in person.”

What would you rather just not know about?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

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