12 People Talk About What Jobs They Think Are Definitely Overpaid

A friend of mine told me not too long ago how much money he makes and I was pretty shocked, to say the least.

You do what?

And you make what?!?!


Good for him, but still…I was very surprised…

What jobs do you think are overpaid?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Not a lot of work.

“University president.

There was massive upset at the University I went to because students found out that the president makes 875k a year to give a few speeches a year, and do some PR stuff.

His secretaries do all the University running that he should be doing.”

2. Doing well for yourself.

“My job. I’m in consulting, and a project usually goes like this:

Executives tell us what the problems are.

We go ask the actual workers how to solve the problems.

We present those answers to the executives in a pretty PowerPoint presentation.

We send a six figure bill to the company.”

3. Great lifestyle.

“Hospital administrators.

They make patient care worse and make crap ton of money pretending like they understand medicine.

Great money and lifestyle though.”

4. Figured it out…


They charge you $250/hr to tell you to do what your employees have been begging for, for months.”

5. You think?

“Professional athletes are overpaid.

I know they’re immensely talented and put in years of grueling work to get to that level, but $30-50 million dollars a year is too much.”

6. Useless!

“Anything in HR.

Every HR person I’ve ever dealt with was beyond useless.”

7. Slangin’ drinks.

“Bottle service girls.

I work night clubs in LA and the bottle service girls at certain venues can make $1,000 a night or more.

They work 2 nights a week for 5hrs a piece and make $100,000+ /yr.”

8. Just sitting around.

“A lot of software developers.

I know far too many that work about 10 hours a week… Have a meeting on Fridays at weird times of the day. Then look for tickets to go over or write very little code.

This is supplemented it seems by like 10% of other developers doing a crazy amount of work, then 30-40% doing avg work. A few others attempting to actually keep busy or get more to do as they’re junior.

Seems to be a feedback loop on “needing more developers” and “It’s hard to find and engineers or developers.” But then like actually managing their time to work on projects is abysmal. So they hire them up for stupid salaries and they sit there doing shit.

I have multiple friends in multiple different companies and a huge portion all have similar stories… Or are in fact the guys just sitting around doing nothing.”

9. It’s the law.

“As a former paralegal – lawyers.

My boss got paid $500k a year to talk to a client (with me in the room taking notes) and hand me the file and say “you know what to do” then kick back and congratulate himself on a job well done.

I made $50k a year.”

10. Sounds dubious…

“Community college presidents, VPs, deans–all upper management.

Obscene money for dubious achievements.”

11. Yup.

“Politicians in America.

They work fewer hours, get more vacation days, and have better health care than most people in America.”

12. Stuck in the middle.

“Literally anyone in middle management.

You get paid 70-120k a year to…. What exactly? Oh tell management that the CEO told you to tell them to tell the workers that they get a 10 cent raise this year.

Nice I’m really glad we f**king pay you for that.”

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