12 People Talk About What They Think Was Attractive 10 Years Ago but Isn’t Anymore

I have to say, those high-waisted “mom jeans” that seem to be back in style again these days are FREAKING HIDEOUS.

I thought they were gone for good after about 1993!

And I want them to be gone again…

But here we are, people…

What do you think was attractive ten years ago but isn’t today?

People shared their thoughts on AskReddit.

1. Now people just complain about it.

“Streaming services!

Everyone loved their Netflix and Hulu, which were the only options to ever exist and will be the only ones to have all the movies forever for a reasonable price.”

2. They were all the rage.

“Skinny Jeans.

I swear I just blinked and all the kids are now wearing loose-fitting/baggy jeans. When skinny jeans was ‘in’, the thought process was that it was form-fitting and complemented your body shape, while baggy pants were considered lazy.

The public narrative has shifted to favour looser pants because skinny is probably now considered overly-restrictive. It’s strange how cultural trends and the collective idea of what ‘good’ taste looks like can change like that.”

3. Remember them?

“You don’t see too many tramp stamps anymore.

Because trousers are all high waisted now and crop tops are in. No one sees your lower back…”

4. Physical media.

“Buying a movie on blu-ray was still a thing.

Now it seems that hardly anyone wants to collect newly made physical media other than in the nostalgic vinyl record market.”

5. Let’s hope not.

“2012 the apocalypse was a fun thing in movies.

2022 the apocalypse is visibily happening in slow motion outdoors as we speak.”

6. Not healthy.

“”Heroin chic”.

Yes, magazines called it that.

Like being strungout-skinny was something to aspire to.”

7. Cringeworthy.

“That emo look with the flat ironed hair.

I had that… I still cringe when I see pictures.”

8. What happened?

“Apparently, glasses that actually fit your face.

Why do people keep buying clown glasses?”

9. The music biz.


At least the extremely obvious autotune+millenial whoop like T-Pain, Akon, Jason Derulo, that “in dis club, whoa-oh” music.

That sound is forever tied to the late 00s/early 10s.”

10. The old switcheroo.


It used to be full of intelligent people playing stupid.

Now it’s full of stupid people playing intelligent.”

11. Just my preference…

“I don’t know if it’s me or society as whole but 10 years ago, I used to like overstylish people like spike hair, low cut jeans, heavy makeup, sagging etc.

But nowadays I like people who dress simple and standard.”

12. You’re getting old!

“Going to the bar every night and partying until close.

Can’t even have 2 drinks anymore without feeling it in the morning.”

What do you think was attractive 10 years ago but isn’t anymore?

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