12 People Things That Are Considered Red Flags but Really Aren’t

Am I the only person out there these days who thinks that people are calling way too many things “red flags”?

I can’t be!

Because people throw that phrase around willy-nilly and I question whether some of them really know what they’re talking about.

Take a look at what AskReddit users said about things that are considered red flags that really shouldn’t be.

1. I’m just chillin’.

“Crossing your arms doesn’t mean you’re being defensive.

It’s just how I f**king stand.”

2. Doing me.

“Not having a social media presence.

I’ve had multiple people tell me that my choice not to use social media was a huge red flag, but in reality I got rid of my accounts because they were making me miserable.

I got rid of my Facebook/Instagram/twitter accounts two years ago, and have been noticeably happier ever since.”

3. Here’s the deal.

“Not posting pictures with friends on your dating profile.

Some people assume you’re anti-social and not pleasant to be around, but I choose not to because I feel weird to post pictures of other people than myself.”

4. Living the single life.

“Not dating for several years, I’ve been told by girls that if a guy has been single for over five years that’s a problem.

So you’d prefer he’d be in 25 relationships in the last five years and wonder why all those relationships didn’t work out?”

5. Take it easy.

“Not responding to texts immediately.

I’m not ghosting you, I am literally at work.”

6. Every situation is different.

“Not getting along with parents.

Some parents are a**sive, neglectful, or toxic to be around; and if an adult chooses not to be around that, good for them.

Of course, if a person is actively awful to their parents, that’s another story.”

7. Interesting.

“In the gay community especially I’ve found not posting a million selfies of yourself on Instagram is seen as a red flag.

My instagram is just professional photos I shoot with my DSLR. I rarely post pics of myself, I like photography. Guys will ask for my insta and then be like “wtf is this? No like you’re personal insta, you know, with all the narcissistic photos of yourself?”

Sorry, thats just not my vibe.”

8. Just an introvert.

“Not having many friends.

I’m just very introverted, not a weirdo.”

9. Isolated.

“Having social anxiety/isolation or having no/few friends.

I am not saying it’s never a red flag. But there’s a lot of cases where the person just doesn’t know how to put themselves out there and because of this they end up lonely and isolated.”

10. Weird.

“I once met a girl who thought it was a red flag that I always placed my phone screen down on a table.

She thought it meant I was hiding something. I had to try and explain that it’s too big to keep in my pocket and it’s screen down to be polite and show her that she has my undivided attention.”

11. It’s tough out there.

“Living with family.

In this day and age it’s just not feasible for everyone to have their own place.”

12. Different is good.

“Being weird in an innocent way.

Like society shuns anyone who thinks outside a set of parameters.

When really its just a different way to view the world.”

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