12 Scariest Workplace Moments That Will Make You Shudder

I tend to be an anxious person, but in general, work has not been a very scary place for me.

Unless you count presentations or inclement weather, there’s not too much to report.

And lucky me, because some people have had truly terrifying experiences while at work, even in fields where you wouldn’t expect.

1. First of all, schools are scary places now

I would be scared as a teacher OR student.

So loast week I told a teacher that a student had a knife and today he just got back from 4 days of being suspended. I'm scared he's out to seek revenge. The world isn't as safe as it used to be.

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2. Secondly, I would honestly expect a police officer to be afraid

And if they say they’re not ever, then they work in Mayberry or they’re lying.

I'm a police officer. People ask me all the time if I'm scared to get killed. I always say no, but of course I am. I can never admit that though.

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3. Now, I had no idea that people still rob banks

There just seem like easier places to rob.

I work at a bank. Robbed 3 times in 5 weeks. The worst part is still the jerks who come in wanting to talk about it and get specifics. No. This is my trauma.

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4. I mean seriously, so much for bank jobs being cushy

I truly thought this only happened in the “old days” and on TV.

In January I was robbed at gunpoint. I work at a bank so it's an occupational hazard. When I see work shootings on the news I think about how differeintly it could have been. RIP to those lost.

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5. Then there were the healthcare workers

They’re just trying to do some good in the world.

I work in mental healthcare because I care about people and can feel their pain, so I'm made for this field. However, being stabbed at work wasn't what I meant by that comment. I fear for my life at work now.

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6. That has to be super rough

It’s a noble profession, and I’d be scared to go in too.

I work at a hospital. I have had patients attack me so many times that I'm starting to fear going into work everyday.

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7. A lot of people are afraid working the night shift

Especially at gas stations.

I work at a gas station doing the night shift. If I wasn't a single mom I wouldn't have to. It scares me each time I go in. So many gross men that try to intimidate me.

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8. Really, the night shift anywhere seems pretty creepy

It seems like people get a little wild when the sun goes down, full moon or not.

When I used to work overnight at CVS I was terrified. There were always two people on the shift, but it was usually another woman. I'd feel so much better when the only guy worked.

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9. And I can totally see how working in a liquor store might be unsettling

It’s great for men who like to talk…
and men who like to think they know more about whisky than women.

I'm scared during every shift at my job. I work in a liquor store, so people can get really scary/creepy... especially since I'm a young, small woman. I carry a pocket knife because of it.

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10. I’m nervous every time I get into a ride-share

So I can only imagine how terrifying it would be, as a woman, to drive for one.

I drive for Uber and some passengers give me anxiety. A few have really made me fear for my safety too. I keep pepper spray and a taser up front.

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11. And I’m not sure there’s anything scarier than retail

Except maybe retail on Black Friday.

Yes, I worked at Dillards for a few months and there were robberies every week. Sometimes they had no security on duty. Always scared someone would pull a gun on us.

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12. The public, in general, can be terrifying

But my gosh can you imagine having them threaten you when you’re just trying to do your job?

I work as a line mechanic and when we need to turn power off some people will threaten you with violence. In the bad parts of town, it truly scares me.

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Yowzer! These all made me realize just how easy I’ve had it.

Do you have a “scariest work” story to share? Tell us in the comments.