12 Terrible Reasons People’s Bosses Gave Them the Axe

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No one likes to lose their job. When the economy takes a turn for the worse, sometimes it can’t be helped.

And then there are times when it seems like maybe the boss is to blame.

Here are 12 reasons why some truly bad bosses gave their employees the axe.

1. They say “know your worth”

But do they mean it though? Honestly, the nerve.

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2. Last one hired, first one…

Sacrificed at the altar of marital harmony? Eesh.

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3. Do as I say, and as I do

Even if it’s totally illegal. Wow!

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4. Yelling at doggos crosses a sacred line

They say you can tell a lot about the way a person treats their dog.

But should the dog have even been there at all? Was this a trick?

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5. Toddlers gonna toddle

And they all fall down.

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6. Lying liars lie

Seems like maybe HR was jealous.

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7. Sorry, you’re out of sick days

Maybe next time cough on your boss and he’ll send you home instead of firing you.

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8. Pretty sure it wasn’t the breaks

Pretty sure they didn’t want to pay for maternity leave.

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9. Sounds like a really fun office

But if we’re honest, haven’t we all been that person at work?

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10. Invent teleportation or you’re done

It’s not your boss’s job to figure out the schedule. Oh wait…

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11. I’ll fire you before they can fire me

Oldest trick in the book.

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12. Honestly, should’ve seen it coming

Can’t risk being reported for sexual harassment, right?

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Frankly, those bosses sound pretty awful.

As annoying as job hunting can be, I think most of these people would be better off in new jobs.

What do you think? Have you ever been worried a truly bad boss was going to fire you over something stupid? Tell us in the comments!