11 Off-the-Wall Reasons People Were Fired from Their Jobs

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Going to work every day can be soul-sucking all on its own.

But we all have to pay the rent, so losing your job is typically worse.

And then there are jobs like these, where getting fired almost seems like a blessing in disguise.

Here are 11 absolutely out-there reasons that people were given for being let go.

1. Trying to do the right thing

I mean. I feel like this is one thing that should be protected by law.

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2. Not being a team player

Look, if you’re not going to participate in team building activities…

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3. How dare you do the job I hired you to do

That will teach you to go the extra mile.

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4. You’re meant to be a robot

Grief should not compute.

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5. Honesty is not the best policy

This is what we call oversharing. Then again, maybe a good way to find new participants.

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6. Don’t worry, be happy

Especially don’t worry about losing your job, because if you do, you’ll lose your job.

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7. Don’t look, don’t speak, don’t think

This one is just crazy unless you asked them WHERE they were sunburned…

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8. Be the mannequin you want to see in the world

Don’t gain weight, lose weight, cut your hair, dye your hair. Stay exactly the same.

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9. Be yourself

Unless your boss doesn’t like who you are. Then be someone else.

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10. Above all, be on time

Zero tolerance. No exceptions. Not even for comas. Ouch.

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11. Do your best!

As long as your best isn’t better than your boss’s best.

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So many of these are just too much for me to even comprehend.

You have to wonder how a lot of them are legal.

What do you think? Do you have any crazy stories about getting fired? Tell us in the comments.