12 Times Folks Sounded Not Very Bright


No one wants to be called that word, but some folks just deserve it, know what I’m saying?

Are you’re about to see some doozies.

Ready to see some Americans who maybe aren’t super bright?

Check out these posts…

1. It’s literally the number one sport on the entire planet.

Just in case you didn’t know.

Commie divas from ShitAmericansSay

2. Wow. This sure is a hot take.

I think you’re way off on this one. Just letting you know.

"Sad but communism must be defeated" from ShitAmericansSay

3. Wow. This one is really dumb.

How did they not know that’s our day? Idiots!

[deleted by user] from ShitAmericansSay

4. Wait, there’s a Rome that’s not in Georgia?

Well, now I’ve seen and heard everything! Who knew?!?!

I am confused is there a Rome in Italy? from ShitAmericansSay

5. This went off the rails pretty fast.

Just don’t insult Vermont, okay?

"More people know about our smallest state Vermont then the Amsterdam" from ShitAmericansSay

6. Is there plumbing anywhere but the USA?

I’m still unclear on this one…

"At least american toilets aren’t just holes in the ground" from ShitAmericansSay

7. Have you been to any of these cities?

Germany is a city, right? Cool, I thought so…

Can’t compare those other cities to the US from ShitAmericansSay

8. What losers! It’s impossible to be a billionaire there.

I’m sure the guy who wrote this comment is one. Has to be, right?

"Good luck trying to be a billionaire over there." from ShitAmericansSay

9. This is kind of amazing.

It looks like John put them in their place!

Your haircuts are un-American from ShitAmericansSay

10. Uhhhh. No, you’re way off on this one.

I don’t think they’ll mind that.

Is Mediterranean a slur to Italians? from ShitAmericansSay

11. What the hell is wrong with Serbian Twitter?

I’d like to give them a piece of my mind…

"I would like to see you devote a tweet to memorializing the victims of 9/11. Thanks." from ShitAmericansSay

12. Hahahaha. Brilliant!

This is just so perfect.

For a british person who has traveled to the United States, which technological advances impress you the most? from ShitAmericansSay

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