12 Times People Had Serious Questions About Millennials That Turned Out to Be Jokes in Disguise

Millennials… prepare to get dragged all over the damn planet, because 12 people decided that today was the day to ask you serious questions that weren’t so serious.

You know the drill. They tweet. They funny. You don’t respond. We all laugh. Repeat.

Thank you to this site for bringing all these together, and thanks to us for going through them and finding the best.

You’re welcome, internet

1. Eggplants just doing eggplants things

I’m endlessly amused by what emojis mean.


2. Because they can!

It’s all meta, all the time!

3. Chef’s kiss!

You can eat it AND drink it. Win win!

4. A true rite of passage.

I deleted it, btw. Because reasons.

5. Is it their 6th or 16th?

Seems like MOST of the people on TikTok are drunk.


6. I can’t even with this

I use adjectives in place of verbs. So there!

7. Yes, it looks distressed! It doesn’t want to be that way!

Shabby indeed!

8. 80s kids and 70s kids are so much cooler.

We’re colder because we’re older and old people get colder faster.

9. Why do so many of them have back problems?

Maybe because they have drinking problems? Hmmm…


10. This tweet is wrong.

GIFs are hilarious and DO NOT pronounce that word with a J.


11. Well, I don’t blame them.

This is their fight son.


12. Isn’t it?

Buzzfeed, you keep on feeding us that buzz.

In all the history of all the tweets… these were among the finest. Don’t you agree?

I’m really asking a rhetorical question there, but you can feel free to respond if you want. I won’t judge. Much.

See ya soon!