12 Women Get Real About What They Want Their Fellow Ladies to Stop Doing Immediately

Okay, ladies, it’s your time to shine!

We want you to be brutally honest today and tell us what you want your fellow females to stop doing…remember, we said BRUTALLY honest.

But before you do that, check out what women had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. No times for games.

“The fake nice compliments which are actually insults.

I’ve got a coworker who compliments me and then looks at me like I’m crazy when I take it at face value.

Lady you’re 40. I don’t think either of us have time for mental warfare. Be nice or don’t, but don’t play this a** backwards high school game.”

2. Policing.

“Policing other women based on your own choices.

Example- oh you’re a certain age. You should get married, I had a child by that age.

You also owned a house and a car and you’re healthy AF.”

3. Clean up.

“If you hover, wipe your god**mn mess up!

Stop being a nasty person when in a public restroom. No one wants to clean up after you and you should be grown enough to know to clean up after yourself.

NONE of us want to use a public toilet but we are human and have to once in a while. So be freaking considerate to others and wipe you p**s off the seat and make sure you flush dammit!!!

It is not that freaking hard to do!!!!”

4. You’re not helping.

“Please stop pointing my acne out and recommending a thousand products .

I know my pimples.

I get you are trying to help but please don’t.”

5. It’s not a competition.

“Stop thinking you are in a competition with every other woman.

You somehow always have it MUCH better (lifestyle wise) than the other or MUCH worse (trauma wise).

Can’t we exchange our experiences without the thought of a competition behind it?”

6. What a jerk.

“Thinking a sh**ty attitude makes you a strong independent woman.

It just makes you an a**hole.”

7. It’s natural!

“Stop being so negative about graying hair.

I’m not letting myself go. I’m letting myself be!”

8. Be nice to each other.

“Putting down other women’s hobbies or likes to get other people, especially men to see them as the “better” woman.

Or putting down other women in general.

Let’s just be friends.”

9. Not natural.

“When celebrity women get heavy plastic surgery and then go out to their young teenage girl audience and say it’s completely natural.”

10. Stop.

“Stop assuming there is one only way to parent and your way is automatically the best.

Also please stop assuming that being a woman automatically makes you a better parent than a man.”

11. Bad friends.

“Going behind each others backs or turning on each other unnecessarily. I literally had friends who were mad at another friend over something small, and I asked if they had talked to her about how they felt.

I got a no and a weird look, like I was the crazy one. Glad I’m not friends with them anymore, it wasn’t worth it.”

12. Five-second rules.

“5 second rule: if they can’t fix it in 5 seconds don’t bring up someone’s flaw.

Spinach in teeth? Tell them. Sauce on cheek? Tell them.

Acne? No. Personality traits? No.

It’s not helpful to bring up flaws people are very aware of.”

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