13 People Talk About the Unsolved Mysteries They Want to See Solved

I don’t think it will ever get solved, but I’d love to finally see someone, anyone, figure out the real identity of the Zodiac K**ler.

I’ve been interested in the case for a long time, read all the books on the subject, and I still find it as fascinating today as I did when I first learned about it.

But here we are over 50 years later and no one is any closer to solving that mystery.

What mystery do you want to see get solved?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. The Long Pause.

“Why the Polynesian people stopped sailing for ages in an event known as the Long Pause.

About three and a half thousand years ago some time after Polynesians explored the Pacific and arrived at Fiji, and despite some evidence that they were expert wayfarers and navigators and boat builders, they just stopped. Stopped sailing, stopped exploring, stopped travelling for nearly two thousand years.

And no one really knows why. We’ve got theories from multiple bad storm seasons, to El nino effects, to moana’s interpretation that it was caused by the Rock stealing the heart of creation and causing sea monsters.

That last one is probably the least likely.

But we have enough evidence to be confident it happened and no concrete idea why.

And its a tantalising mystery, because there was so much of Polynesia left to explore.”

2. Don’t go in the woods.

“Two hikers on the Appalachian Trail were found in their tents with their hands bound and their throats cut.

They never found out who did it.”

3. What happened.

“What happened to eight-year-old Relisha Rudd?

She went missing from a DC homeless shelter in March 2014. She had been absent from school for several weeks and they didn’t follow up to ask about her absence. Her mom didn’t file a police report immediately either. All the adults in her life failed her, poor girl.

She was last seen with the janitor who worked at the shelter and used to treat her often. He was found d**d of apparent s**cide during the search for the girl. His wife/partner was found shot d**d in a hotel room. .

Theories included her mom selling Relisha to the janitor or she was s** trafficked. The police searched a local park and didn’t find a body. So they must have had a lead but never shared anything new after that. I check every year or so since it happened but nothing.”

4. A history mystery.

“What happened in the year 536?

Records from around the world talk about three years of winter, destroying vineyards, frost in the Mediterranean. And tree ring studies show a period of reduced to no growth during that period in places as far flung as Ireland and the Pacific Northwest.

There were no supervolcanic eruptions that year, no evidence of meteor/comet impact. It’s theorized Iceland had an eruption that spread on the jet streams to affect the northern hemisphere, but the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Project has never reported a volcanic event higher than a VEI 6 (basically, amount of ejection and damage), and nothing higher than a 5 from the two most active volcanoes of the period (Katla and Hekla).

VEI 8 is a supervolcanic/caldera event, like Jemez in New Mexico or Yellowstone.

So what happened?”

5. Still missing.

“The disappearance of eight-year-old Alexis Patterson in 2002.

She was taken to school by her uncle, and was seen playing on the school playground.

But she never got to class, and is still missing to this day.”

6. Disappeared.

“What happened to Sneha Anne Phillip, the NYC doctor who disappeared on the night of September 10, 2001?

She was officially added to the 9/11 victim list and memorial in 2007 after her family fought for it in court.

But her rocky marriage, professional problems, and the fact that no one knew where she was the night of Sept. 10th have led to a lot of speculation that she was the victim of foul play, or that she took 9/11 as an opportunity to run away and start a new life.”

7. Scary.

“I’d like to know who did the Hinterkaifeck m**ders. Five members of the same family and their maid, all k**led.

Six months prior to the m**ders, the previous maid quit because she heard weird sounds coming from the attic.

The dad found a strange newspaper. They thought maybe the postman had lost it. But it turns out nobody in their little village subscribed to this particular newspaper.

A few days before, the dad found tracks in the snow leading to their machine room whose door was broken into. Later that night they heard footsteps in the attic.

The day of the m**ders, the new maid arrived. And then it happened. All six people k**led.

Four of them were lured to the barn where they were k**led with an axe or some other farm tool, I forgot. Then the k**ler or the k**lers went into the house and f**king k**led the two year old kid and the maid with the same axe.

It’s considered one of the most brutal m**ders in the history of Germany.”

8. Whoa.

“The Secret.

In 1982 an author published a book with clues to 12 hidden boxes containing keys buried in North America. The keys can be traded in for jewels. Only 3 have been found. The author d**d and supposedly only he knew the exact locations.

I live in one of the cities that likely has a buried key and it drives me crazy that the rest of the puzzles will likely never be solved!”

9. The big question.

“How the universe started.

What was it before? If it’s nothing, how did something come from nothing?

Will people have the ability to comprehend such an answer?”

10. Suddenly gone.

“The case of Asha Degree. It’s been over twenty years and we have no idea why a nine year old girl left her home in the middle of a rainy night.

Other than a few eye witness reports and some belongings, there’s essentially nothing. No body, few leads, and it’s been over two decades.

The worst part is that the parents’ worst nightmare happened on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be their wedding anniversary.”

11. Creepy.

“The disappearance of Brandon Swanson.

He was coming home from a party or something. His car broke down, and he called his parents. They heard him say “Oh s**t!” Followed by silence.

It took a couple minutes for the call to end. He literally disappeared.”

12. Never heard of this one.

“I always think of the Missy Bevers m**der in Midlothian, TX ever since seeing that creepy footage of her k**ler limping through the hallways of the church before she was m**dered.”

13. A lot of publicity on this one.

“The Delphi M**ders.

This one drives me crazy. Those girls did everything right. They were together and managed to record their m**derer. Yet he continues to live on.

They were so brave. They deserve justice. Their families deserve closure.”

What unsolved mysteries do you want to see solved?

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