What Movie Never Should Have Been Made? People Shared Their Thoughts.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the bigwigs in Hollywood seem like they’ve been remaking EVERY classic movie for the past 15 years or so.

Are they out of ideas?

Are they bored?

Or maybe they just think all these reboots will make a lot of money…I guess you’d have to talk to them.

And I keep hearing that there are plans in the works to make one of my favorite movies, 1979’s The Warriors.

All I can say is that I really, really, really hope this never happens because there are some movies that just can’t (and shouldn’t) be remade.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed about that one, okay?

And check out what movies folks on AskReddit think should never have been made. Enjoy!

1. Ouch.

“Dragonball Evolution.

Even the director apologized.”

2. Not a fan.

“Amazon Prime Cinderella fails in every level.

I could barely get past the beginning, I was so bored. My mom wanted me to watch it with her and I felt bad for walking out, but man…I surely would’ve fallen asleep if not.

I’m sorry mom, I’ll start watching more movies with you, I promise.”

3. A weird choice.

“The shot-for-shot remake of Psycho, one of the greatest horror movies of all time.

If you have no message but echoing a better one what is the f**king point?”

4. No!

“The new Home Alone.

If Kevin and the Wet Bandits aren’t in it then what’s the point?”

5. No need for it.

“The second American Psycho movie.

I love Mila Kunis but didn’t like the entire idea.”

6. Oops.

“Highlander 2.

Highlander is a perfect stand alone movie.

Highlander 2 manages to be the worst sequel ever made, literally changing and ruining everything from the first movie.

It would be like if they did The Princess Bride 2, and it’s nothing but Humperdinck raw dogging buttercup while Fezzik jerks off on a corner crying. And no one says anything quippy.”

7. Heard it was awful.

“Holmes & Watson.

Saw it in theaters when it came out.

Most people walked out before it was even halfway through.”

8. Butchered.

“The Dark Tower.

They absolutely butchered everything about the story.”

9. What happened?

“The Wonder Woman sequel.

Honestly don’t understand how they made such a horrendous film.”

10. Don’t do that…

“The second Atlantis movie.

It made me want to gouge out my eyes with one of those wooden spoons that come with tiny ice cream cups.”

11. Most of ’em…

“Most Disney sequels.

The worst offender I’ve seen is The Hunchback of Notre Dame II: The Secret of the Bell.

Not only was the movie completely lackluster in every single aspect, but it also ruined the ending of the first movie.”

12. I’ve heard it’s brutal.

“A Serbian Film.

Don’t watch it unless you are loaded on eye bleach.”

13. Thoughts?

“The Matrix Resurrections

A film that never needed to be made, but was forced into production by greedy Studio Executives trying to cash in with nostalgia.”

14. Yikes.

“Max Payne.

One of the best narratives ever in gaming.

If you haven’t seen the movie…..just light your eyeballs on fire instead.”

15. Fans don’t like it.

“The Mummy with Tom Cruise.

You’ll never live up to Brendan Frasier’s legacy so just deal with it.

Keep your MI franchise and be happy.”

What are your thoughts about this?

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