13 Early Confessions of Love That Might Make You Cringe

Most of us can probably agree that we don’t spend enough time telling our nearest and dearest just how much they mean to us. And finding the right time to say it for the first time can be tricky.

But what do you do when the relationship is new and fresh and exciting–and someone ruins it by saying, “I love you,” way too soon?

1. First five minutes?

It seems to have worked out for them.

2. First text

Maybe they already knew each other.

3. First date

Even in jest, it’s probably a little too soon.

4. First whole day

Maybe wait for the sun to set.

5. First few days

I really hope it works out for those two.

6. First and last

Hopefully not the same couple.

7. First week

Did they even go on a date yet?

8. First time

I mean, at least it went well.

9. First two weeks

Kids move fast these days.

10. First month

At least they were in agreement.

11. First disagreement?

What is it about the two-week mark?

12. First stalker?

But seriously though, what is it about the two-week mark?

13. First and waiting

Kind of amazing he waited. Kind of amazing she didn’t run.

Good gracious. I am absolutely cringing now. Why would people get THAT into somebody THAT quickly?

Seriously folks… y’all are out there having s*x and falling in love in the same day? What the what?!

What’s the fastest you ever said the L word? Let us know in the comments.