13 Hilarious Dog Fails That Will Make You LOL

Owning a dog is an overall delightful experience, but we all know that it can be full of a lot of moments that leave you shaking your head (at best). They barf, they eat random and sometimes really expensive things, they injure themselves in ways you never would have expected – the list goes on and on.

If you own a dog there’s a good chance you love hearing funny stories about other dogs, and lucky for all of us, these 13 owners aren’t afraid to share.

13. That’s a lot of work for an hour.

They must have got right to it.

Left my dogs alone for 1 hour….
byu/SandHanitzer inWellthatsucks

12. They were trying to evacuate for Hurricane Ida.

The dogs locked the door in their rush to get out of there.

Dogs locked us out of the car while evacuating Hurricane Ida
byu/Bert_Macklin86 inWellthatsucks

11. This dog doesn’t know how to drink I guess.

But you did this to yourself. Food they can reach is their food!

Leaving Dog Alone For 2 Minutes
byu/cutiebaloo infunny

10. Someone was in here.

He really had something against tea, idk.

We’re all trying to find the guy who did this!
byu/OkaySureWhyNotIGuess infunny

9. He saved you the trouble of breaking down that box.

Give that puppers some pets!

Left my dog alone for FIVE MINUTES with a cardboard box
byu/ibealittlebirdy inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

8. This is horrifying.

How long were they gone???

You are NOT going to believe what happened while you were gone
byu/kpclaypool infunny

7. Doggie doesn’t need eyes to find cake.

Surprised you didn’t know that, mama.

This Maddie. She may be blind but it didn’t stop her from finding the cake I baked for my dad’s 75th birthday and helping herself to a surprisingly restrained bite. Grrr.
byu/ermarie73 inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

6. He has a Kong RIGHT THERE.

That’s my favorite part of this picture.

What could go wrong with leaving the dog alone for a minute
byu/Micahgt inWhatcouldgowrong

5. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

All summer long.

What if I decide to let my white dog out after I mow my lawn?
byu/sunshinyanny inWhatcouldgowrong

4. Time to bring the kennel back.

Someone can’t be trusted.

Left my dog alone
byu/bobby40413 inWhatcouldgowrong

3. No he will not.

This is what he thinks of your puzzle.

Got him a new puzzle toy so he would stop resorting to destruction
byu/chaoticsleepy inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

2. Well, so much for that sofa.

Hope you can afford a new one!

We left our new dog alone for a half hour. Expensive lesson learned.
byu/mirarom inWellthatsucks

1. Eh, it was just one bite.

She can share, Ma!

Snuck a bite of a 6yr old’s bday cake that was already up 5ft off the ground when no one was looking.
byu/ASKRTH indogshaming

Y’all, dogs are the absolute best, even when they’re being the absolute worst.

What’s the biggest fail you’ve had happen with one of your dogs? We want to hear the story in the comments!