13 Hilarious Times People Were Way Too Tired for Life

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We are all overworked and under slept.

My dog insists on waking me up earlier on the weekend than I have to get up during the week, and she refuses to be ignored.

So I totally get how people can be just too tired, although I do worry about some of them being out on the road.

Here are 13 people who were too tired to do much of anything.

1. At least they’re obeying traffic laws

I mean, mostly… 😬

This morning I was so tired that when I stopped at a stop sign I was waiting for it to turn green.

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2. Maybe a checklist in the bathroom

I’ve been so tired I couldn’t remember if I washed my hair or not, but man…

One time I was so tired that when I got in the shower, I started washing my hair, then realized that I still had all my clothes on.

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3. There are just too many passwords

I could totally see myself doing this one.

I'm so tired that I put my phone password in the microwave to heat up pizza. I need a break.

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4. Or were you trying to warm it up?

I have 100% been here before.

I was so tired that I blew on my ice cream to cool it off... I only noticed after it was all gone...

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5. We’ll all just pretend it didn’t happen

I have fallen asleep mid-conversation many times, and boy did those conversations get weird.

About a week ago I fell asleep at a restaurant. I was so tired that when I woke up to order, I asked the waitress for nail polish.

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6. You only do that when you’re tired?

I do that frequently. Also the whole “where are my glasses?”
(Hint: usually on my face.)

Once I was so tired that I texted my friend saying, "I can't talk now, I can't find my phone."

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7. Overly tired or just very proud?

Maybe just enthusiastic about new bling.

I'm so tiredthat I'm in my bathroom looking into the mirror saying, 'I am the gay LORD' just cause I got a new rainbow bracelet.

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8. Rocks are people too

Is it the rambling that’s an indicator of exhaustion or the subject matter?

I'm so tired that I'm rambling on about rocks to myself.

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9. Now, that’s just polite

Also, how old is the elevator?
Is it possible that you’re sensing the spirit of the elevator operator of yore?

This morning I was so tired that I thanked the elevator on my way out.

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10. I get it. Words are hard.

Sometimes I call scallops “little round fishy things” when I’m tired.

The other night when I was really tired I referred to my legs as 'skin pants'.

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11. We’ve all been there

But you know, at least it was soap and not deodorant… or toilet cleaner.

This morning I was so tired that I used soap to brush my teeth instead of toothpaste...

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12. Very tired–or just really old?

Honestly, even before the pandemic timewarp, this was frequently a problem for me.

I'm so tired that I had to look up my age at work because I couldn't even remember my birthday to do the math.

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13. It’s like trying to catch a rainbow

There’s something almost poetic and Quixotic about this one.

This morning I was taking a shower and I was so tired that I slipped and tried to grab onto the water like it would save me.

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Honestly, it made me tired just reading all of those. I hope these people all get some sleep soon.

What about you? What is the most tired you have ever been? Tell us about it in the comments.