14 People Share the Most Ridiculous Luxury Items They’ve Ever Seen

Image credit: Twitter

The luxury goods market is an interesting one.

I mean, I’m as guilty as the next person of spending my hard earned money on ridiculous things.

But there are definitely some items for sale that make you go “what?”

Last month, mother and hockey fan Lexi Brown, PhD, went viral for her Tweet about random and ridiculous luxury items, spawning a thread of similarly themed responses.

Lexi found a… well, they call it a “bag” (but it doesn’t actually hold anything) shaped like a diamond-encrusted folding chair, and the reviews were hilarious.

Users were similarly dumbfounded by the weird little purse:

Lexi’s post went viral, and soon her followers were chiming in with ridiculous finds of their own.

User Raahina Somani shared a similarly bizarre purse that I’m still trying to wrap my head around, but check out that price tag!

But it gets better. Zaza Chilvers found a Louis Vuitton bag and I honestly LOVE it, but it costs more than my car.

And for people who really love their veggies, there’s this hideous broccoli bag.

But I think I’ll take the broccoli purse over the shrimp cocktail one.

Danielle P. chimed in with another absurd bag she found at a different online shop:

Moving on from bags, there was the $280 (each) hair-roller for wealthy grandmas the world over.

And Greg never does explain why he owns this, but it comes with its own little pocket.

And then @Kristin_wrote was perplexed by this unusually shaped ping-pong table, but I guess it would add another level of complexity to the game.

Getting into the spirit of mocking Nordstrom, one user shared diamond-lined ski goggles.

Several users found something to balk at from Tiffany, where nothing comes with a small price tag.

And don’t forget the lovely but possibly useless sterling silver greenhouse.

One that really set the bar was shared by @thaisaustin.

Who, in their hour of grief, wants to commemorate their lost love with a 3D version of their head for the mantle?

No price tag here, but I’m guessing these don’t come cheap.

The winner of Twitter that day, though, was definitely @MsModernity who added Bernie Sanders to the OP.

I’ve seen all I need to see.

I honestly can’t even with most of these. What’s the most ridiculous (and ridiculously expensive) thing you have ever seen? Tell us in the comments.