13 Interesting Comparison Images We Think You’ll Enjoy

The world is full of mysteries and odd happenings.

You bet it is!

And one of the best ways to explore our fascinating universe is to look at comparison images. They give us a glimpse into how the world works and they open up our eyes to things that we usually don’t think about.

So what do you say we get a little bit smarter today, okay?

Let’s get started!

1. The Milky Way.

Two different views.

Whenever somebody posts a photo of the Milky Way, people invariably ask ‘is that how you see it with the naked eye?’. Here’s a representation of what you do see compared to what comes out of the camera. from r/space

2. Quite a difference.

Times have changed.

Stairs built in 1829 vs 2005 from r/mildlyinteresting

3. A terrible year for wildfires.

2020 has been rough in many ways.

View from my house of California normal vs California with fires from r/mildlyinteresting

4. That thing sure was bulky.

Technology moves very quickly.

My mom’s phone from 1998 vs. my phone from 2018 from r/mildlyinteresting

5. Way more righties.

Rubbing it off.

The comparison of right handed and left handed people at my high school from r/mildlyinteresting

6. The expensive one looks pretty cool.

I’ll take two!

$10 VS $400 Lightsaber from r/StarWars

7. Skate or die!

Wear down those sneakers.

Shoe that is on the longboard vs the shoe that does all the pushing from r/mildlyinteresting

8. Ken has evolved.

He’s a whole new man.

Ken 1985 vs Ken 2018. from r/mildlyinteresting

9. Getting some color.

Look at that!

[OC] The tan of my hand compared to my foot from r/mildlyinteresting

10. WOW. It’s huge.

I did not know this!

Size of the moon compared to USA from r/space

11. Climate change is real.

And we might be running out of time…

The Arctic 103 years ago compared to today from r/interestingasfuck

12. The same bull.

Don’t mess with this fella.

When I was looking through my photos, I realized I unknowingly took two pictures of the same bull, 5 years apart, at a ranch I visit in Texas. from r/pics

13. History comes alive.

This is very interesting.

The same street, 71 years ago. from r/pics

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