13 People Discuss the Most Inoffensive Thing They’ve Seen Someone Get Offended by

I really hate to use the word “snowflake” because it gets thrown around so often, but it’s pretty true…people out there really do get offended by everything these days.

Hey, a lot of things are definitely worth getting worked up over but others…not so much…

AskReddit users talked about the most inoffensive things that they’ve seen people get upset about.

Let’s take a look!

1. Everyone just calm down.

“Someone once got offended because I used the word black in conversation…..I was talking about an article of clothing/the color black.

They tried to make in to something about race, and that I shouldn’t use the term black anymore, and should say African American, I said that makes no sense I’m literally talking about the color black.

Am I supposed to say I’m wearing an African American colored shirt?! Maybe I’m crazy but I think that’s actually offensive”

2. She sounds like a blast.

“This guy at a Halloween party I was at was dressed in a giant bacon costume.

Some girl was yelling at him for being so offensive toward Jews and Muslims (she was neither Jewish nor Muslim). One of the Muslim guys at the party asked her what the f*ck she was talking about but she didn’t back down.

I have no idea why people feel they need to go out of their way to be (inaccurately) offended on behalf of other cultures/religions.”

3. Makes perfect sense.

“While working tech support back during the dot com boom I had a customer get upset with me over the use of the word “icon”.

He said it had religious implications and he insisted I call Windows icons “little picture things”.”

4. Get a grip.

“A f*cking picture of an eye.

We have an organization-wide theme every year and all the PC’s on our network have the same background and theme which can’t be changed. So this year’s theme is “Vision is 2020” and the background was a zoomed-in picture of an eye in really awesome colours.

Two women on staff wrote letters to complain that the picture was “heathen” as it drew from “Illuminati” imagery and paid tribute to the “all-seeing eye of Eqyptian deities”.

They wined and complained to such an extent that the picture was eventually changed to shut them up and let the normal folks get back to our actual work.”

5. Oh, Jared…

“I sang the song “hit the road jack” to a kid I just beat in a game while in the 3rd grade mockingly.

He took that as me calling him a jack*ss. He told the recess monitor this. I was told to stand against a wall away from the rest of the kids with the recess monitor.

I am now 27 now, married with two kids but I will never forget this.


6. That’s how they do it.

“Got chewed out once for saying, “yes ma’am,” to a lady.

I’m in the south, that’s what we do.”

7. Was he a total psycho?

“A sandwich. I kid you not.

My ex husband was given a sandwich by our then 13yr old daughter and because she cut the sandwich he went off on a massive strop about how his sandwiches should never be cut etc.

The poor kid’s face, she was crushed. It still winds me up no end every time I think about it.”

8. People can be terrible.

“I worked at a movie theater. Went above and beyond for a customer who only wanted a certain amount of oil and salt for his popcorn.

I had to make him his own batch and risk burning myself to catch some of the hot oil in a cup before it went into the kettle. He then realized he was late for his movie. He asked if there was any way I could bring his food to him in the theater. Never heard that before, but sure! I don’t mind.

Bring him all of his food and he says thank you. I smile and say “no problem!” I was genuinely happy to do this for him.

He throws a fit and complains to my manager. Me saying “no problem” somehow insinuates that when customers ask you to do something it can be a problem. Said I should get written up for not saying “you’re welcome” instead.”

9. Violent imagery.

“I managed a small, new team that had no procedures or policies, so I set about instituting some.

“I mean, you never know, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and then no one would know how to process these requests,” I told them, when asking for their feedback and for them to write up how they did their tasks. Then we would come back together and decide best practices in a meeting.

Little man filed a complaint to the manager for my use of “violent imagery” and said that he felt threatened. It was a whole thing. Ultimately, he got fired.”

10. You’re wrong.

“I’m a white South African.

Born here, my nationality is South African.

Some American girl got offended that I called myself South “African” as a white dude, and said that only people of color can call themselves that.

Uhhh, it’s a nationality.”

11. I’m being persecuted!

“At my wedding we marked the vegetarian items as vegetarian.

This made the one vegetarian at my wedding (sister in law who hates me) fly into a catatonic rage because we are singling out the vegetarian food as vegetarian and not treating it as normal food.

Then how the f*ck are they supposed to know its vegetarian?”

12. This is offensive to me.

“This happened just last week.

I work at a bank in an affluent part of Atlanta (read: Old White Money), and a woman called in to let us know she was offended by the security questions for her online banking.

The security questions. She herself setup.”

13. The nerve of these people!

“My dad loves to tell the story of how, shortly after they were married, he and mom went to get some fast food.

As they pulled up to the drive through window, my very conservative mom saw a sign that said “Condiments available upon request” and said “OMG, that’s disgusting! WHY would a restaurant feel the need to give those out!?”

She had misread it and thought they were giving out condoms upon request.”

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