Should People Dig Through Years of Social Media Posts to Bring Another Person Down? Here’s What Folks Said.

I know how I feel about the question!

The answer is HELL YES! I think it is pathetic to take the time and effort to find out old dirt on people via social media.

But that’s just me…

Is it pathetic to dig back through someone’s past on social media to try to bring them down?

AskReddit users had thoughts about this topic. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Amen!

“Digging through anything to build up some artificial surface for attacking people is pathetic.

Attacking people to begin with is pathetic.”

2. Don’t step out of line.

“The same people preaching tolerance and unity and peace/love/kumbayah are the same vindictive people who try to ruin people’s lives the minute they step out of line.”

3. You can learn from your mistakes.

“What people don’t understand the most is, supporting this kinda rodeo denies any existence of change.

Just because i made an ignorant statements on a subject in the past doesn’t mean i can’t learn my mistakes and says something contrarily to what then.

But unfortunately no one wants to miss that ” is this you” viral moment these days.”

4. Good idea.

“I went back through my social media and deleted all the stupid sh*t I posted from high school.

Was it me that said it? Yes but it was also when I was young and stupid but I also don’t want that ammo out there for anyone might be looking for some dirt.

I don’t believe that should be held against me though because no matter how squeaky clean someone is they have said or done something stupid in their life.

People make mistake and it’s human nature, how you grow, move on and hopefully learn from those mistakes is what people should really be looking at.”

5. Spineless.

“Obsessive, destructive, spineless behavior.

Probably done by the silent assassins of this world, trying to regain some feeling of power and importance that is missing from their lives.”

6. Pathetic.

“It’s absolutely pathetic and is the number one sign someone cant support their debate on it’s own merit. It’s only ever done by the hyper sensitive and the brain dead.

I had one guy make 6 different accounts to comb through every post and DM me over 200 times because I said Eazy E wasn’t a good person and shouldn’t be idolized.”

7. It depends…

“It depends. If it was sufficiently horrible and they tried to hide it, then the truth should come out.

Also, I just hate the idea of people thinking they can get away with living a lie.

You can tell so much about a person, by how they react to something about their past being exposed to the public eye. You can tell whether they really changed, or if they are still the same as always.

So I don’t oppose the outing of a person.”

8. Watch what you say.

“You can say what you want, but people have a right to judge you based on your publicly expressed beliefs.”

9. Cancel culture.

“Anyone who engages in “cancel culture” is a piece of sh*t. They need to hop off their high horse and realize that nobody is perfect, especially not them.

You don’t get to ruin someone’s career, or even their life, over an off-colour joke they made over 10 years ago.

These people believe they’re the moral standard, and it’s exhausting dealing with their pious attitudes.”

10. Gutter journalism?

“That’s modern journalism.

Kids with worthless media degrees trawling social media to find a story.

It gutter journalism at it’s finest.”

11. Context is important.

“Depends on the context.

If it’s out of nowhere and that person has changed, its a problem. But if that person is still the same i dont see a problem with it.

Although it wouldn’t matter because if he was the same, he would still say the same stuff.”

12. People change.

“People change and grow. People grow up. Countries grow and change. Hopefully both for the better.

To stand in judgement of others and hold them up as villains because of some stupid thing they said or did when they were less emotionally or mentally mature and attempt to ruin their lives today, when they are different people who have outgrown their tomfoolery or ignorance or even the acceptability of social norms of the time or cultural is just a power play of false superiority.”

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