13 People on Their Profession’s Dirty Little Secret

If you think politicians are the only people harboring dirty little secrets, well…this Reddit thread is probably going to change your mind.

No matter what job or field you work in, chances are there are accepted practices that would pop the eyeballs of the general public wide open – and if that’s not something you’re up for right now, you should look away from this post immediately.

13. That squeaky genetic wheel…

For the short time I worked as a financial advisor in training, the reason some people got promotions/better pay than all the other people who were better qualified was due to some people complaining/backstabbing other employees on a daily basis.

Yes, corporate raiding/shark tactics is common and that everyone around you is trying to screw you over/gain an upper hand. Also, don’t be surprised by nepotism.

12. Crazy to think about.

If you’re a multi-million dollar company, odds are we don’t give a shit about errors under a certain amount of dollars.

This is called “materiality”, and most auditors rely on the calculation in order to not give a shit, and get the work done.

11. Now you’re the informed buyer.

5 years in new and Car dealer here- new cars will ALWAYS have a backend of 1,000-1,500 dollars they can give away if not more. Always say you will sign at X price-2,000. They will come back at 500 off, offer 1750, they come back at 800. Offer 1,500 off, they’ll come back at 1,000.

For finance, EVERY warranty and Gap insurance produce is negotiable. They are looking to hit metrics. Ask them to flip the screen around, show you the raw cost and add 100 to it. Works every time.

Also, most backend finance will add “2 points” to an approval. Aka, 10% rate is really 8% Rate is negotiable! (Unless you’re prime credit at like 1-3%)

There is something called the spread. It is normally 3,000 dollars. They buy a vehicle for “trade in/average wholesaler price” of 10000. They will make the car up to 13,999 after putting an average of 1500 into repairs.

That means they own the vehicle for 11,500 and are selling for 13,999.

Remember that handy little trick above? Split the cost. 14k-11.5k=2.5k/2= 1.25k.

Sale price? 12,750 or less if it’s a common vehicle. Your KBB or NADA will always tell you what the trade in value is.

An informed buyer is a dealerships worst nightmare.

10. Being nice usually pays.

Call Center Agent working for customer service.

We will put you on hold and pretend to ask the supervisor, but actually we will bitch about you.We cannot change company policy for you.

But if you are polite we will try our most to bend the rules for you, because we deal with so many entitled people.

Worst the ones pretending that they are smarter than you and don’t really need your help, but desperately need your help.

9. This is disheartening.

How they obviously lie to the public about how well they treat their employees.

My dad didn’t believe me til I recorded one of the managers dragging my personal life into what was supposed to be a professional meeting.

8. Nothing about healthcare surprises me anymore.

I used to work admin for a hospital and they would purposely overbook patients for appointments in the hope that some would not make it.

Whilst this meant that we got through the amount of patients relatively easily, every now and again, the department waiting room (which was basically a corridor with 4 chairs on the side) would be full of pissed off patients who are all booked for the same time slot and won’t be seen until 2 hours after their arrival.

7. There are many reasons not to order well-done steak.

Don’t order well done steak.

Cooks usually save the worst pieces to overcook.

6. Five second rule.

I work in a pharmacy.

Yes, we drop some of your pills on the floor, and yes we put them back in your bottle.

5. I wish this surprised me.

Higher education.

Many people who are paid specifically for being smart are in fact really dumb.

4. This just blew my mind.

The Cloud is just someone else’s computer.

3. Totally expected.

Nepotism is so regular in manufacturing it’s not even worth talking about.

2. I need this Hallmark movie.

The bosses daughter has slept with all of the women here.

1. Especially now.

Wash your produce before eating it.

This is one of those car accident moments – you want to know, but also you really don’t want to know, right?

If you’ve got a similar story that you think can still shock us, drop it in the comments!