13 People Share Scary and Depressing Facts

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but the facts you’re about to read will most likely scare and depress you.

But sometimes we all need a bit of a reality check, don’t you think?

What are some scary facts you know?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Totally average.

“A whale’s d**k is about 10 feet long and 12 inches wide when erect

Thats about 3 meters long and 30 cm wide

And that is just on average.”

2. Yikes.

“Baton Rouge has a higher Rate of HIV transmission than any country in Africa.”

3. Nukes.

“A bomber accidentally dropped 2 nukes on North Carolina. One of them was found with only 1 safety left intact, keeping it from detonating.

The other one buried itself 200 feet deep underground when it’s parachute failed to deploy, causing it to break apart. Most of the parts of this thermonuclear bomb were recovered.

Most is the key word here. There are still parts of a thermonuclear bomb buried somewhere near Goldsboro, NC.”

4. Whoops.

“Most of your memories are wrong and only semi true.

Every year they become more muddled as well.”

5. Let’s hope not.

“A gamma Ray burst from space could hit us at anytime and we have no way of detecting them before it happens, we’ll all just d** instantly.”

6. Wild.

“Only about 1 in 10 cells in your body are genetically human.

It’s not your body.

There are so many microorganisms living in and on your body that they vastly outnumber you. You are not mostly human. Largely bacteria. Gross right?

Hell no, it’s awesome. I am a walking ecosystem. Trillions of lives depend on me to survive. Trillions. I am their home, their planet; I could harm or help them on a whim. In turn they can k**l me right back. Some may leave for other planets but most will live their entire existence with me. We are the People of Me.

And that’s why it’s cool I didn’t shower today.”

7. Scary stuff.

“After being exposed to lead, your body absorbs it and stores it in your bones in place of calcium, which is undetectable by blood tests, making it harder to determine your lead-levels.

It’s not until you get older and your bones start to de-mineralise that the lead goes back into your bloodstream and you suffer from sudden lead poisoning.”

8. Think about it…

“People with antisocial personality disorder (aka sociopaths) do not always become violent k**lers.

In fact, there’s a large percentage of them that end up becoming surgeons, CEOs, police officers, media personalities, and journalists.”

9. Depressing.

“Whales don’t d** of of old age.

They d** because they don’t have the strength to pull themselves to the surface anymore.”

10. Nature!

“Crows are currently experiencing their Stone Age, but we will never see cool modern crows because we will be long gone before they reach the next stage.”

11. Never forget.

“On 9/11, firefighters had to hide in the rubble for the rescue dogs to find because they kept getting depressed that they couldn’t find anyone alive.”

12. Awful.

“The Catholic church has spent more money than anyone else lobbying to keep current restrictions in place on the statute of limitations.”

13. This is the end.

“The world will end and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

When I say “end” I literally mean the Earth will cease to exist. It’ll take a very long time, like another billion years or so, but eventually the sun will swallow the planet and erase all evidence that life existed if it doesn’t still exist. That means every work of literature and art, every monument and statue, every building and historical sites, etc.

Everything any human has ever or will ever do, make, or say will one day be wiped from existence. Our entire history as a species will just be gone. The oldest cave painting, every exploit any war hero endured and the reasons for it, the rise and fall of nations, our first steps on the moon, the internet, your lineage. All of it will be gone.

It might as well happen the second you die because you won’t be around for it (assuming anyone will be). Looking at it that way it’ll happen at the end of your life. 20 years from now? Maybe 50? Tomorrow even. It’ll all just be…gone.”

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