What Are Some Scary Facts? 13 People Share What They Know.

The world is pretty terrifying…no doubt about it.

It’s filled with dangers around every single corner…so you gotta be aware.

The more you know, right?

People on AskReddit shared scary facts that should creep all of us out.

Let’s get weird!

1. Oh, great.

“You’re more likely to survive being s**t in the head than if you get rabies.

For real.”

2. Awful.

“About 50 kids in the US are backed over by cars every week.

My husband’s 7 year old cousin was backed over. He was playing around behind his dad as he was trying to back in a trailer. He slipped off the trailer and his dad ran him over.

They were able to donate a lot of organs. Including eyes, skin, liver, kidneys, heart.

The father and mother only made it one more year if that in their marriage. They are divorced now and major al**holics. They had 3 older kids too. It was a horrid horrid thing.”

3. Scary.

“Australia has the highest skin cancer rate in the world.

An average Australian is four times likely to get skin cancer than any other type of cancer, and two-thirds of Australians will probably get it by the age of seventy.”

4. Wow.

“At any time, your body could make a mistake while fighting an infection/virus and register a vital type of cell as unwanted for the rest of your life.

Source: I never have enough platelets anymore.”

5. Take that!

“During the bubonic plague the Mongolians launched infected d**d bodies over the walls of different civilizations.”

6. Bet you didn’t know that…

“Shiro Ishii, director of Unit 731 who t**tured, experimented on and m**dered 600,000 innocent civilians was paid the equivalent of $3 million dollars (adjusted for inflation) by the US Government for his research papers and granted him complete immunity.”

7. Good lord.

“Diarrhea k**ls 2,195 children every day—more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.”

8. Ahhhhh!

“Some tumors grow teeth and hair.

I had one. It was 10lbs…. had sweat glands, 5 teeth, hair, half a spinal chord and muscles. Grew in 6 months on my ovary…… and right before I got married.

Not fun. Don’t recommend.”

9. FYI.

“Movies don’t portray drowning people very accurately. This has led to a common misconception of what a drowning person actually looks like.

Since a lot of people don’t really know what to look for, a large number of tragic incidences of children drowning while swimming occurred with the child’s parents right there… close by… near enough to save them… if only they had realized before it was too late.”

10. Frightening.

“There are 8 American warheads unaccounted for, and a number of former Soviet nuclear devices missing ranging from warheads to suitcase bombs.”

11. Horrific.

“The chainsaw was originally invented to aid in childbirth for cutting through the pelvic bone.

No, I’m not kidding.”

12. What a time to be alive.

“Let’s talk about medieval t**ture facts. There’s one form of t**ture where they would tear your toungue out by slowly twisting it.

Another, having bamboo grow through your body.

Stuffing you into a bronze bull statue and then lighting a fire under it. You were slowly cooked alive in the worst way possible.

Another, similarly, you were cooked from the inside out. The way one would accomplish this was by pouring molten lead down your throat and stuffing you with straw.

Another, one would have a small hole in their stomach cut open, and pull out one end of your intestine and tie it to a stake. You were then put on a cot and carried around the stake in circles while your intestines slowly unraveled.

That’s all for today, folks.”

13. What is going on in Australia?

“There’s a wasp in Australia that hunts spiders.

It doesn’t eat them, though. It paralyses them, makes a little mud cocoon for each one, and before sealing it off, lays a single egg on the now trapped spider.

The egg hatches, the larva eats the still alive (and still paralysed) spider, and then breaks out of the cocoon as a wasp.”

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