People Share Stories About the Most Deranged Things They’ve Seen People Do

Alright friends, it’s time to get creepy

Because we’re about to hear from AskReddit users about the most deranged things they’ve ever seen someone do.

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1. Eyelashes.

“Eye doctor here.

Where shall I begin? I remember one young lady who came in for a routine visit but her eyelids were very swollen from her fake eyelashes. The adhesive was laid on THICK and was literally blocking her gland orifices and causing massive infection of both eyelids.

Despite the severe swelling, she didn’t seem particularly fazed. It wasn’t even her reason for visit. I looked at her under the lamp, then told her that those lashes are going to need to go. So I turn around to grab some petroleum jelly and some qtips to work those adhesive clumps off slowly when I start hearing what sounds like Velcro being torn apart.

I turn around and she ripped out both top lids of fake lashes including every single natural lash she had. It was a startlingly clean job and she just looked at me completely bald-eyed and said “okay now what?”

Don’t forget, they were infected and swollen. Well, now they were even more swollen and had a ton of ripped off lash stumps. So I prescribed her antibiotics and told her that her lashes would probably grow back over the next few weeks.”

2. Yes or no?

“Worked in an ICU. The patient was being asked their goals of care and if they wanted to be resuscitated, the patient said yes. Her daughter said no.

The attending said, “well your mom is still competent so we have to follow her wishes”. The daughter pulled the doctor aside and said, “why don’t you just give her some medications to put her to sleep, she won’t be competent and then my word goes and you pull the plug?”

Silence for a while and then the attending just said no we don’t do that.. very slowly and escorted the daughter out of the room..

The patient made it out of the hospital ok that time anyway… I sometimes wonder how she did after that…”

3. Party animal.

“I was at a house party and this dude comes in, stands on a table, drops his pants, lights his pubes on fire for a few seconds, pulls his pants back up and everyone carried on like no big deal.”

4. Not pretty.

“In a nightclub in the late eighties. Bloke sitting at a table on his own.

He poured what he had left in his pint glass onto the floor, then took a bite out of the glass.

Glass severed his top lip. He then sat there bleeding into the glass. There was a lot of blood! Not pretty!”

5. This will be fun…

“Waiting on the instructor. Being bored. There was an anvil.

Take a 2 kilo hammer. Somebody put his hand on the anvil. The trick was to pull away before the hammer hit the anvil. 2 students have great reaction speeds.

Instructor enters the forge, sees the game and claims he had great reactions. He did not, the hammer hit him at full force. The surgeon had many hours work to put the hand together again.”

6. Disgusting.

“I went to a boarding school where we all ate at tables seating 12 per table with a prefect (senior boy overseer) at the head.

The prefect puked into his dinner plate, and then finished his plate barf and all.

Btw, it was sold as a posh school, but in truth it was a Dickensian hell-hole where they beat us with canes if we got out of line.”

7. At the bar.

“I was in a bar when some guys got into an argument, the aggressor got kicked out and the guy who he’s started a fight with went to the bar and everyone continued.

As I’m going out for a cigarette I see the guy who’d had the fight started with him going out the door and the aggressor was waiting outside and jumped him.

Motherf**ker immediately stuffed his fingers down his throat and vomited on the guy. Straight up defense mechanism puke. The guy who was trying to fight just ran away, one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen.”

8. Prison life.

“When I was in solitary confinement, we had a guy on the wing who was a “thrower”, meaning he liked to throw p**s, s**t, rotten milk, etc., at the guards when they passed his cell.

After a while, they got tired of it, and they mounted a sheet of plexiglass on the front of his cell, with little holes drilled in it for airflow.

That worked pretty well. He couldn’t throw stuff anymore. A week goes by, and no cops get s**t thrown on them.

Well, apparently during that week, he was thinking. What he did blew my f**king mind.

The man managed to fill a toothpaste tube with his own s**t.

As the guard is making his rounds, the thrower tries to get the guard’s attention, but he’s speaking really softly, so the guard can’t hear him.

Guard puts his ear up to one of the little holes, and dude puts the toothpaste tube of s**t up to the hole and claps. Injecting s**t directly into the guard’s ear.”

9. Snapped.

“Many years ago, I am with my Dad downtown Edmonton on Xmas day buying my girlfriend last minute earrings. Its -30C.

We stop at a sub shop to grab lunch and as we are eating I suddenly spot something that puts a stunned look on my face. My dad asks, why I look so perplexed, so I tell him to turn around and see for himself.

Here is a 6’4 Black man, buck naked, trunk waving in the cold winter air, barefoot, walking down the street outside. People chasing him with blankets trying to cover him, but he shakes them off and keeps marching. Found out later in the newspaper that he had lost his job and snapped.

Merry Christmas everybody.”

10. Who’s hungry?

“I watched a person s**t their pants, be forced to wait 20 minutes sitting in their own s**t, and upon getting inside and having a chance to change I watched this person choose to eat a whole cheese pizza first instead.

While sitting in their own s**t…”

11. Smooth move.

“Gal I went to culinary school with (early 90’s) all of a sudden started juggling her knives in the hall between classes in front of one of the chef instructors.

Yes, she immediately had her 8” chef knife stuck 3 inches in the middle of her palm.

Chef just sighed, shook his head and pushed the gal to the office to get her to the ER.”

12. That is scary.

“My husband saw a mentally ill man walking in the street, picked up roadk**l skunk, rip it open and start to eat it…”

13. OMG.

“I once had a 3rd floor apartment that was situated next to a parking garage that was 4 stories tall. I woke up one morning to an incredibly loud sound, like a super loud smacking noise.

I looked out my balcony and saw a guy face down with a torrent of bright red blood just staring to pour out of his head. It was horrific. About 45 minutes later, my wife got home from her first trip to Mardi Gras with her friends and I was white as a ghost. Not exactly a nice way to be welcomed home.

The cops put up a kind of sheet around the scene but we could see directly into it. They literally hosed this dude’s f**king brain matter into a gutter and a dark stain remained on the asphalt for weeks.

Turned out the dude was on trial for some p**ophilia-related charges and just randomly found my apartment complex to commit s**cide because he’d been found guilty and was set to be sentenced that day.

I would get the weirdest feeling when I’d have to park up where he jumped. Just knowing that was some person’s view for their last mortal moments on Earth was intense and made me feel kind of nauseous and creeped out.”

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