13 People Share the Most Hypocritical Things They’ve Ever Seen

It’s a fact of life that there are hypocrites everywhere.

They say one thing, they do another, and everyone gets p*ssed off in the process.

And man, is that a major bummer, or what?

What’s the most hypocritical thing you’ve ever seen?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Caught in the act.

“A while back, got a ticket for talking on the phone while driving. Fair enough.

Incidentally, the cop and I were going the same direction and line up next to each other a couple stoplights down.

It was clear he was texting as he drove away.”

2. Not needy enough.

“The Catholic Church.

When I was growing up in Queens, families were “required” to give donations every Sunday, presumably for the “Needy”.

My Single mother was raising 5 children, and when she asked, was told we were not “needy” enough, and that those donations better keep coming, in addition to the tuition for the Catholic school we went to….”

3. All over the world.

“Criticizing another country for being racist when your own country is xenophobic AF.

These problems should be talked about openly, but don’t pretend like you’re above it all and your sh*t doesn’t stink.”

4. Labor war.

“I work in a union shop.

After one bout of negotions some years back, management cries about no money, blah blah blah.

When we finally settled, management voted themselves a 10% raise. No money huh?”

5. That didn’t work.

“My dad forcing my brother to smoke cigarettes to get him to stop smoking because he got caught smoking while my dad was smoking cigarettes.

Both still smoke cigarettes.”

6. So dumb.

“GF’s family member doesn’t take covid seriously, got p*ssed when we said we’d feel safer if they didn’t come over, asked them to wear a mask and not go out into town without one.

They ended up getting covid that weekend AND giving it to multiple family members. Thankfully I didn’t get it because I stayed the F away from them and wore a mask.

I don’t care what they think of me now because they have to live with that.”

7. Peak hypocrisy.

“The same people that consider Colin Kapernick to be un-American and disrespectful to law enforcement and military for kneeling during the national anthem are from the same group of people who were destroying government property, attempting to remove elected officials and undo democratic processes while calling themselves patriots and waving confederate flags.”

8. I’m not THAT vegan.

“One of my friends used to live in Portland, Oregon.

He said one of his roommates would constantly lecture about how terrible all animal products were for you, dairy in particular, and how everyone should be vegan.

One day, at a party he saw her start eating some nacho cheese chips out of a bag so he asked her about it. She responded “Oh, well I mean I’m not THAT serious about it.'”

9. Jeez.

“Some guys I worked with wouldn’t use birth control because the Pope said it’s a sin.

But they robbed and stabbed people.”

10. So ridiculous.

“My sister-in-law is constantly posting on social media that people need to stay home and wear a mask if they go out and only go out for essentials, etc.

She goes to sit down restaurants, visits her mother (who is an EMT and is potentially exposed to covid-positive people) every month, has had a going away party for a friend who moved states, and the best one, she and my brother got married (even though their “official wedding” is June 2021) and had a “small ceremony,” where neither them, the officiant, or any of their guests wore masks.”

11. This sounds like a healthy relationship.

“I can’t eat crunchy foods around my husband because the sound of chewing really bothers him.

I have gone to another room to eat these foods for years.

He eats those same foods right in front of me.”

12. Crazy.

“One of my ex bosses would expect everyone to arrive to work on time and then be an hour late herself.

At some point, she stationed a snitch to walk around the office taking down names of those who weren’t there on time just so she can discipline them (while being late herself.)

Same with everything else. She’d clock out for a 2 hour lunch but if you’re not at your desk when she’s back from her lunch, she’ll passive aggressively comment on what a leisurely lunch you’re having even if you’ve just gone to lunch.

It’s crazy.”

13. I really don’t get these people.

“My mother and her two sisters immigrated as children to this country with my grandparents. One of my cousins rants about how immigrants are destroying the country.

She’s the DAUGHTER of an immigrant. Hell her dad was an immigrant too! She can’t even say “it was so long ago in our family history it’s like we’ve always been here.” LITERALLY HER PARENTS.

It drives me absolutely crazy trying to understand how she can live with that hypocritical dichotomy.”

What do you think is the most hypocritical thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

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