13 People Share What Society Finds Attractive That They Don’t

Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think that a lot of women who most people think are “beautiful” are attractive.

At all.

I’m not gonna name any names because I’m such a nice guy, but it’s the truth!

Let’s hear from people on AskReddit about what society finds attractive that they DO NOT.

1. Enough is enough.

“Lip and cheek fillers.

Please stop making us think we need these things, especially really young people who’s thin lips suit their face perfectly.”

2. You look…off…

“Fake tanning in general.

There’s a woman that comes into work, when she doesn’t have the tan she looks really good, when she does it looks very off.”

3. Very weird.

“Having a social media presence outside of your friends and family.

I get that it can be a legitimate source of income for some, but the thought of my partner documenting their daily life for a bunch of fake internet likes is repulsive.”

4. Big boys.

“Very, very tall men with huge muscles.

This is not to say that they look bad to me, but they aren’t attractive to me because I’m very small and petite and don’t want to feel like a toddler compared to them.”

5. What’s in there?

“Long beards…not into it.

I don’t want to kiss fluff. Nor do I want to guess what you are harvesting it in.”

6. Flashy.

“Expensive cars.

I’d rather spend my money on other things and just have a reliable car.”

7. Pearly whites.

“Perfectly white teeth.

Natural teeth are not supposed to be paper-white.

If they are they have almost always been bleached with chemicals and that is not healthy nor attractive to me but it’s permanently damaging your teeth if you do it too much.”

8. No macho stuff.

“Macho manliness.

Give me a dude who can talk about his feelings and whose voice goes up an octave when he sees a baby or a small animal any day.”

9. Amen!

“Selfies with the duck face.

Please stop!”

10. Too much.

“Highly contouring and heavy makeup.

Also those painted eyebrows. Lip contour.

Too much is too much.”

11. Not a good look.

“Girls who act unintelligent to seem cute.

It’s very much a high-school phenomena, but it’s extremely unattractive.”

12. Don’t get it.


I mean, they can be just as attractive or not as anyone else, but blonde hair is nothing special.

I really don’t see the allure.”

13. See it all the time.

“Side hustle.

Since when did having to work more than one job to have a normal life become so popular?

Why not just make the point of wages not being enough these days.

But everyone is a “potential” millionaire apparently.”

What does society find attractive that you do not?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks a lot!