13 People Share What They Think Are the Advantages of Being a Man

Let’s face it, men have certain advantages over women in life.

Good, bad, or unfair, it’s the reality of the situation.

And people sounded off on AskReddit about what they think are the advantages of being a man.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. Nice and quick.

“Shorter restroom lines.

Very true.

I was recently at a concert and I could just walk in and do my stuff and walk out and my GF was still outside waiting in a line.”

2. True.


This is so accurate. I stuck my hand in my GF’s jean front pocket and it was so shallow. I said “what the f**k your pocket just for looks?”

She laughed and said “that is how a lot of women’s clothes are.”

Pockets for women! The true inequality!”

3. No pain.

“Not bleeding in agonizing pain once a month seems like a big advantage.

Even setting aside the pain part, it’s wildly inconvenient.”

4. Safety concerns.

“From what women tell me, the overall feeling of security I enjoy most times and places isn’t a matter of course for everyone.”

5. Don’t even worry about it.

“Not being pressured into shaving your body hair.

Itches just thinking about it.”

6. Easy does it.

“The fact that womens wardrobes don’t have the same level of overlap that mens do, meaning the cost of dressing “correctly” as a woman is significantly higher than for men.

That pair of dress pants and button shirt is appropriate for most any event you might go to, plus work in an office, an interview, etc. The appropriate dress for a wedding is probably not going to be the same one for work or potentially even date night.”

7. No bother.

“Being able to ride public transit without having to deal with creeps.

I swear to god my typical bus commute every day for a few years was “No I do not want to move over a seat so you can sit next to me, there are 20 other empty seats on this bus. No I do not want to talk to you.

No I’m not giving you my Facebook, or Snapchat, or Instagram. No you can’t have my phone number. No I’m not telling you where I work. I have earbuds in, leave me the f**k alone.””

8. Beauty standards.

“Much lower “beauty” standards.

Plucking your eyebrows? Shaving your legs/arms/whatever else isn’t baby-bottom-smooth? Applying makeup? The list goes on and on for women but men just have a small checklist of the basics.

We’ve all see that meme that women have 80 different hygiene products while men have one that’ll also degrease your oven.

I hesitate to say body standards aren’t the same because men do get a fair amount of pressure to have muscles and be fit as well, so I don’t want to downplay what the media does to them in that regard. In the same breath, I want to point out the dad-bod obsession and how there’s no equal for females. Mom-bod isn’t cool.

Finally, y’all turn into “grey-foxes” when you start getting old but all women are withered old hags as soon as one white hair pops up. Time to start dyeing.”

9. Bingo.

“Being trusted with mechanical things.

I used to work at an auto parts store and worked with women who really knew their s**t when it comes to cars and still more people would walk up to me / get another opinion about things.

Also just in general being a woman in any trade is hard, the industry I work in now is like 90% male. It’s starting to get better though.”

10. The default.

“It’s considered the ‘default’ gender, so the world functions assuming you’re a man.

It’s not surprising when you get chosen for a leadership role at work (no one will call you ‘girl boss’ or some other gender based jargon).

People take you seriously. You’re not considered to be a nag when you ask for what you want, or a b**ch when you refuse to do something you don’t want.”

11. No big deal when you’re a man.

“I’m not a woman, but it seems like dressing to go anywhere is a way bigger ordeal.

For me its “yeah these trousers are probably clean enough, that’s a clean shirt, socks, pants, shoes aaaand I’m ready”.

Women lay out 9 outfits and make pros and cons lists for them. And all the makeup and s**t. Seems like a lot of work.”

12. Interesting.

“I think a big advantage is being the Default Human.

Women are more likely to d** in car accidents because seatbelts are designed for average male measurements. Tools and PPE are designed for average male measurements, making them uncomfortable or even dangerous for women to use.

Even medical trials focus heavily on men, leading to a lot of uncertainties regarding women’s health. We don’t know much about treating endometriosis or PCOS, despite these being really common conditions that can be debilitating.

Many women d** because our heart attack symptoms can differ from the “standard” (male) presentation, resulting in misdiagnosis.”

13. Get ‘er done.

“Peeing standing up.

You can just whip that bad boy out and go wherever you like (although people tend to frown on that at weddings and funerals).”

You know the drill…

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