13 People Share What They Think Is Expensive and Worth Every Penny

There are two things that I usually spend a little bit more on because I think it makes a big difference.

One is pillows…I can’t sleep with terrible pillows!

The other is…wait for it…tuna fish.

I like to eat tuna fish for lunch a lot and those cheap brands just ain’t cuttin’ it for this guy.

Blue Harbor all the way, baby!

What do you think is expensive and worth it?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Ahhhh….

“A nice desk chair.

I bought my own for work.

My spine thanks me.”

2. Gotta do it.

“Regular dental care.

I didn’t & now I face $10,000 to repair the damage.”

3. Protect yourself.

“A front and rear dash cam for your car.

Expensive is subjective.

I was recently in a car accident. Dude lost control and slid into me head on, thankfully everyone was ok. None of the CCTV cameras picked up the wreck. He went in and said I was the one that hit him.

It’s been a two month long battle even though every ounce of evidence points to him. The main reason it’s still going on? No video evidence.

I’ve already got a dash cam installed on my other vehicle.”

4. Definitely.

“Good employees.

When I was a general contractor, I went through 167 employees in 3 years. It’s a nightmare trying to find, onboard, train etc new people all the time.

I decided to more closely watch the workers I had and started hand picking those with potential. I then paid them ~40% higher than they could make anywhere in my area doing the same work. That year I lost only 1 person from my pool but that was due to a family relocation.

They started coming to me with ideas on how we could improve our process, save money and be quicker. They also started telling me about things they could do in house instead of subbing that work out. I split the savings with them 50%-50% as bonuses. I appointed some as Project Leads and paid them even more… That meant I didn’t have to be there all the time

I’m no longer in that business but I never lost a good worker again after paying more and paying them for their innovation and ideas. It was so easy and a no brainer because ultimately, I made more $ myself.

Worth every penny.”

5. There you go.

“A warm winter coat/boots.

Running shoes.

A good set of knives.”

6. Money well spent.


Especially if you’re moving out of or into a place with stairs!

I wish my family knew this. I’ve moved both sets of grandparents 4 times total and my parents 2. They own lots of antiques and heavy furniture.

Growing up they told me why pay for movers when I have you and your brother?”

7. That feels nice…

“A quality mattress.

Don’t cheap out on anything that connects you to the ground, it’s literally supporting you.

Beds, tires, chairs, and shoes.”

8. Nice!

“Whatever helps improve your big hobby.

One of the nicest presents I’ve ever gotten was a 400 dollar pool cue (that was on sale for 350). It completely changed the game, because now I’m able to be more precise then I ever could with a house cue.

If I had to, I’d spend those 400 dollars in a heartbeat myself the second I had the extra cash for it. It’s indescribable just how much more smooth and controlled it is compared to a regular one.”

9. Thank God.

“Laser jet printers.

Never have to worry about toner (laser’s version of ink) drying on you if you only print here and there.”

10. Sleep tight.

“Pillows, you go cheap, they get flat really quickly.

Same for Duvets, you go cheap they are just thin, you always feel a little chill, my mum got me an expensive (for me) one and my god, the difference and I don’t feel as cold.

Basically, don’t skimp on the bedding.”

11. I can see!

“Couldn’t see much past a foot without contacts or glasses.

Got Lasik and it’s night and day difference.

Been over a decade and I still have 20/20 vision.

So worth it!”

12. Yes!

“I have a cat who has cost me thousands in vet bills.

Worth every penny.”

13. Nice and easy.

“TSA precheck.

100% worth not waiting in long line and taking your shoes off.”

What do you think is expensive AND worth it?

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