13 People Talk About the Most Disgusting Things They’ve Seen People Do

Let’s face the facts…people are disgusting!

There’s just really no getting around it, so why pretend, ya know?

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about the most disgusting things they’ve seen people do.

Prepare to get grossed out!

1. Stinky.

“I worked at a department store and an older woman returned shoes that REEKED of p**s.

Our policy was we had to find a way to return it. So I had to open the shoe up put it close to my face and look for a number on the inside, and lucky me I found it. The shoes were like 6 years old, found on her credit card.

I refunded them for like 40 bucks. The woman stayed totally straight faced the whole time and went on her merry way.”

2. What a creep.

“It was my uncle’s wedding day and his wife was just getting ready to walk down the aisle.

One of the guests in the wife’s family decided to stand up and show off his johnson.

There were kids there and he got kicked out trying to play it off as a joke.”

3. Casinos are classy.

“Working at a casino, there was this one lady who s**ked SO much, she complained the servers weren’t bringing her new ash trays often enough, started ashing on her tongue.

One time I watched her put out a cigarette butt on the machine, then f**king eat it.”

4. Time to switch seats.

“I saw this guy get up in the middle of a bus ride multiple times and switched seats.

I noticed he smelled urine, and when he got off I noticed all the seats he sat on were moist/wet.

He also took out a big tub of vaseline during the ride and slathered his entire face and neck with it.”

5. Wow.

“Saw a guy j**king off on a city bus right near 3 kids.

The dad of the kids went over and literally dragged the guy to the door and threw him out the exit while the bus was moving.

He totally deserved it, though.”

6. Have a good night!

“A guy walked into the restaurant I was working in, tried to open the door going to the store room and realized it wasn’t a bathroom.

He then proceeded to pee on the door right in front of people eating at the table near it then walked out.”

7. This is absolutely disgusting.

“I was on a commuter train that broke down for about 20 minutes. Sitting across from me were a brother and sister, probably about 12-13.

Their dad was next to me. The kids started licking each other’s faces, then picking each other’s noses. Dad was totally unfazed. Yeah. Had to find another seat before I threw up.”

8. Great guy.

“At my old job we use to have units, and a bathroom in the office on the units, generally used by everyone (except one guy) for just number 1. We would cover if someone had to go off unit for number 2. no problem. This was a unwritten rule.

But there was this one evening shifter who would basically say f**k all of us, He was probably 5’9 pushing 400lbs. I think he would purposely go in and blow it up and EVERY TIME would come out, leaving feces on the toilet seat.

Every single time we had to go and tell him to go and clean the bathroom because he left it dirty.

He would shrug it off until the manager of the unit went in and saw it and had to tell him. Never seen a healthcare worker so disgusting.”

9. That’s a new one.

“Sm**ing electrical tape, the black plastic stuff.

Rolled a small c**arette sized tube and 2 guys smoked it, lit it, blew out the flame, and inhaled over and over. They rolled a giant cone right after.

Me and another buddy told them that we couldn’t believe they we s**king tape. They laughed and said they couldn’t believe we weren’t. Quite disgusting.”

10. Co-worker.

“I work with this guy who has a skin condition, not sure what it is I don’t think even he knows tbh because he’s the type of person who will not go to the doctors. Anyway fair enough he’s got a skin condition where it’s flakey.

BUT he scratches and he scratches and he scratches and his skin goes everywhere and he does not care. He’s a delivery driver for the store I work at and the other drivers will come in furious because the dash board, the seats, the floor everything is snowed in with flakes of skin.

It’s got to the point my manager has had to take him aside and say you need to clean up after yourself. And has given him a handheld vacuum which he still does not use.”

11. Shock and awe.

“I drinking partner I once knew was very much a “shock and awe” kinda fella. He would come out with the most insane stuff but was incredibly funny and intelligent.

My opinion changed on the last adjective when he went to the men’s room and came out with one of the yellow urinal cakes that help keep the p**s stench down.

He put it in his mouth and ate it. to this day I don’t know why he did it but it was just really weird and disgusting.”

12. In the ER.

“I am an ER nurse. I have seen some disgusting s**t. I am about to ruin your mind. Seriously stop reading now if you don’t want to be utterly horrified.

The top tier of the cake came during a pelvic exam where a patient initially reported bleeding & that she may be miscarrying. Definite potential to become a life threatening emergency & something we take seriously.

Setting up for exam the smell permitting the room was DENSE. During the exam the doc noted blue purulent drainage (pus) and chunks of something that could be products of conception.

We scooped out what we could for pathology, swabbed what we needed to for labs. The remainder was rinsed with saline & suctioned, took about 3 rounds to clear things up however the prolific pus production coming from the cervix persisted, so an abd CT & OB consult ensued.

During the remaining hours of this (surprise!) not-a-miscarriage work up the patient stated that her partner liked to “fill her up” with food products, including skittles & A SMOKED TURKEY LEG. Due to remaining treats left behind after encounters, a raging case of BV & some untreated STI this woman was lucky to walk away with an intact reproductive system.

THE COUPLE GIGGLED ABOUT IT LIKE SCHOOL KIDS. They did not give one single f**k about the risks to their own health, the level of unnecessary gross they exposed us to or the fact they were two women exclusive- literally no chance of pregnancy or miscarriage.

A misuse of emergency healthcare because they were too dysfunctional & lazy to seek regular GYN care or utilize normal sexual enhancements. The people waiting for care because a potential OB hemorrhage trumps a lot of things, their amusement with their own destructive acts as we tried to determine what was going on, their blatant lying about presenting complaint, symptoms & contributing factors when we were just trying to help.

Disgusting all the way around.”

13. OMG.

“Years ago at one of my first gigs, we were just waiting outside the bar in a small lane until it was time for us to go on stage.

There was this woman there who was about 35 but looked way older and probably hadn’t been sober in a very long time. At one stage she proceeded to throw up in between swigs from her beer bottle.

In her vomit there were lots of c**arette stumps. She’d been finishing people’s beer bottles where they’d chucked in their c**arettes.”

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