13 People Talk About the Traps They Think Folks Fall Into in Life

Life is hard and every person has their own issues they struggle with.

And let’s face it, things are a lot easier SAID than DONE in life, so a lot of people fall into traps that they can never get out of.

AskReddit users shared their thoughts on this subject.

1. Don’t even worry about it.

“Thinking too much of what others think of them or how they are perceived.

I think this goes along with self esteem but I started feeling a lot better about myself when I let go of the fear of judgement.”

2. Go at your own speed.

“Thinking that you’re running out of time to do something because someone else has done it already.”

3. You have to manage it.

“Some memories/traumas will stick with you throughout your entire life. But you can manage the way you react to them.

What I have learned is to embrace that miserable feeling you get when you remember and to let it pass.

Do not run, face it, and your brain will adopt to the feeling and will slowly process the memory and “put it to rest”.”

4. They don’t deserve you.

“Marrying or living with or otherwise committing to someone who is mean to you and doesn’t treat you well.”

5. Creepin’.

“Lifestyle creep.

Feeling the need to upgrade cars, houses, jewelry, etc to keep up with your peers.”

6. Stayed too long.

“I stayed at a job for too long because I already put so much time and effort into it even though the salary was c**p.

I finally had enough and decided to leave and I’m doing so much better financially, emotionally, physically.

It’s been 5 years since I left and sometimes I think what my life would be had I stayed and it’s just depressing. Looking back, leaving was one of my best decisions.”

7. Both are bad.

“Doing nothing becouse of fear of rejection.

Or its cousin, doing nothing because doing something limits your options.”

8. Put it away.

“Just because you have spare money at the end of the month doesn’t mean you need to spend it.”

9. Don’t procrastinate.

“Putting things off.

We could do it more as kids because someone was there to pick up the slack, or stay on top of you to get something done.

But as an adult, the consequences of waiting on stuff slaps you hard.”

10. No such thing.

“Waiting too long for “perfect”, like the perfect soulmate, house, job, etc., and then letting too many good opportunities pass by.”

11. Uh oh.

“Bad credit card habits.

When I was in college circa 1997 one of my friends did not know that she had to pay back what she charged. Like, at all.

She was under the impression that she simply qualified for money. Luckily for her maximums were only like $1000 back then.”

12. Do what makes you happy.

“Letting other people define success for them rather than defining it for themselves.

We tend to compare our daily life struggles to someone else’s highlight reel. We don’t see the struggles they confront on a daily basis.

We don’t usually hear of the failures, only the good things.”

13. Sleepwalking.

“Sleepwalking into marriage or living together because “it’s time” or nothing is really wrong, it’s just not right.

I’ve seen it unfold IRL way too many times. And I’m 43, and the first wave of divorces, 2nd wave of marriages is in full swing, and while the window dressing differs on each of them, there are underlying realities in all the ones that don’t work out.”

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