13 People Talk About Things They Did as Teenagers That They Could Never Tell Their Parents

Fact: part of being a teenager is keeping things from your parents.

I wasn’t out committing (serious) crimes or anything like that, but there’s no way my parents needed to know that I was cliff and bridge jumping into lakes and doing a lot of stupid things that could’ve gotten me injured when I was in high school.

But we all have those stories, right?

Check out these interesting stories from AskReddit users about the things they kept from their folks when they were teenagers.

1. Don’t say a word.

“Years and years ago, my younger sister had these really obnoxious knee high boots. Like extremely obnoxious.

I don’t know if it was the sound of them clunking around everywhere or the fact that she’d NEVER take them off and refused to wear any other shoes.. Anywho, I got so sick of the brat she became when the boots were on, that one day I threw one of them in the trash.

I had full intentions of retrieving it from the trash but by the time I thought about it, it was too late. My mother had taken out the trash… Weeks went by of my sister crying and throwing fits because she didn’t have her boot, along with mom freaking out because she couldn’t take one more second of my sister freaking out.

It was pure chaos in my house. My mom spent months looking for the boot while I sat there in silence…. I couldn’t tell her… and still havent… and never will…”

2. Reckless driving.

“A couple of friends and I were driving to this park in the mountains so we could do some stuff.

We brought al**hol (designated driver didn’t plan on drinking). When we reached this split in the road, both of the left tires burst and our friend who was driving lost control! We seriously thought we were gonna d**.

The car ended up on the island and we were a couple meters away from a pole.

No one told our parents.”

3. Wait here.

“I once invited a girl over to do the deed while my dad was at work and my stepmom was home.

She never bothered me and always stayed on the other end of the house. I picked the girl up in my grandparents high top van and had her walk in the back gate and come through my room’s sliding glass door. We got on my bed and I then decided to go into the living room to see if my stepmom was actually home or not.

That’s when my dad was home for lunch for the 1st time in years and told me my grandparents wanted to take me out to lunch right now across town. I went back to my room and had the girl just hang out in my bathroom for a whole 2 hours while I was out at lunch. I was texting her the whole time, but was so nervous she might make too much noise on accident.

When I finally got back I walked through my house to see my dad was gone and my stepmom was asleep. So then I proceeded to my room to let the girl out of the bathroom and then we had some s**. Once we finished I dropped her off home and went to a friend’s birthday party with a story.”

4. Party animal.

“Took the car out with only restricted license.

Drank cheap wine and s**ked pot in the woods with my friends.

Skipped school.

And many more…..”

5. Rebel.

“I got a few friends to take pictures of their hall passes from various teachers until I had a large collection.

Then I made legitimate hall passes and used their signature anytime I needed / wanted to not be in class or was late. I’d hope the teachers knew but no one ever did anything to any of us – had a business of a dollar a pop.

Also, put a virus on the school system that took school out for 3 days.”

6. Wild times.

“When I was a teenager I use to hang out with some friends and that led me to be a part of a “gang brawl”

In reality it was a bunch of teenagers maybe about 6 or 7 of us fighting some 20 something year old dudes at the mall. It was the first time I saw someone get st**bed.”

7. Yowza!

“Just turned 16. Went out into the country and lost my virginity in a public place.

He then dropped me off at a friends house, where I got so d**nk that if any responsible adults had been there, I’m sure I would’ve been rushed to the hospital to get my stomach pumped.

I threw up around 10 times and ended up passing out. Put on my best game face when they picked me up in the morning, then went to bed as soon as we got home claiming I didn’t get enough sleep and needed a nap.

Me and these same friends also used to have threesomes together when we were bored. Can’t believe I did any of it.”

8. Sneakin’ out.

“Snuck out almost every night of my senior year. All my siblings and I were “well behaved” so we never really had anything in the way of rules. Well we weren’t well behaved we were just conniving little s**ts who rarely if ever got caught.

It wasn’t even hard to sneak out. Both of my siblings were over 18 at the time so were allowed to come and go as they pleased in the house. If one of them was home, I’d just walk right out the front door and let my car slide to the bottom of the hill on the driveway in neutral then fire up the engine.”

9. Just don’t talk about it.

“Lived in a split level. My bedroom was the only bedroom on the lower half.

I had lots of s** when my parents were home because they were upstairs. They gave my my privacy, which could mean they knew what was going on.

That kind of stuff was never discussed in my family.”

10. Thirsty?

“P**sed in my stepmoms Diet Pepsi (which was always mixed half and half with rum btw).

Watched her drink the whole thing. Before you down vote this you should know she made life hell for my sister and I.”

11. Liar!

“Slept at my girlfriend’s place and told them I had run out of fuel at my mate’s place who lived 15 mins out of town and would be staying there till the morning.”

12. Found the stash.

“Got d**nk at 13 years old. My parents were out for the weekend and i discovered their wine stash.

Liked the taste and drank 2 whole bottles in one evening. Next morning 13 year old me learned the meaning of hangover the hard way.”

13. Way off the mark.

“I slept with the daughter of my [religious, conservative] mother’s [equally conservative] boss for well over a year.

They suspected I was not straight [it was hard to miss], but were always off the mark guessing what was actually going on.”

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