13 People Talk About Things They Wish They Didn’t Know

I remember hearing something about one of my friends once that was so upsetting and it made me change the way I look at them forever…

And I really wish I’d never heard it because I was better off being ignorant about it…

But it’s too late to go back now…

And we all have things like that in our lives.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Poor dog.

“How my dad put our old dog down. He told me he did it himself and seriously regretted it, would never do it that way again.

He didn’t want to tell me, but I kept pressing him- and he relented. I wish I hadn’t asked.”

2. Wow.

“That 4% of inmates on D**th Row are innocent.

To give you perspective, thats 1 in every 24 D**th Row inmate.”

3. A scary thought.

“Eventually everything in the universe will grow so far apart that there will be nothing but absolute darkness and cold for the rest of eternity.”

4. A bunch of dummies.

“That most of humanity is literally too stupid to understand that it’s stupid.

Being that dumb prevents you from having the necessary tools to even comprehend how little you actually know.”

5. Insignificant.

“How big the the universe is, or the distance between planets and stars in space.

Make me feel we are all really insignificant.

Thanks James Webb telescope.

And Hubble before that.”

6. Great…

“Some high ranking politicians are of a faith that genuinely believes that they are the chosen ones to go to heaven, that heaven is guaranteed for them and it is a better place than here.

And we let them run armies and global politics assuming they aren’t gonna just end the world with the belief that they’re going straight up.”

7. Hopefully just a headache.

“I wish I never learned about the existence of brain aneurysms.

Now every time I get a random pain or something in my head I’m like “oh no this is it”.

Just the prospect of just randomly dropping d**d is horrifying to me.”

8. Too bad.

“My husband doesn’t like my personality.

The appeal I had as an adventurous teenager has worn off and he’s finally gotten to know me better. I’d be happy with him as a person if I didn’t know.

Don’t marry young, kids.”

9. Depressing.

“That we literally have enough resources to feed, educate, house and provide health care to everyone on the planet but we don’t.”

10. Too much to handle.

“I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

I wish I didn’t know the exact depths to which caregivers of children will be derelict or harmful in their responsibilities, but it’s something I know that the rest of society can’t handle.

It really sucks.”

11. Deceived.

“That one of my exes cheated on me several times.

I figured it out awhile after we broke up, and it was like going through a breakup all over again. Sometimes I still question why I wasn’t good enough for him, and whether I’ll ever be good enough for anyone.

I didn’t seek out this info, either. I found out when his “new” girlfriend made a 1-year anniversary post.”

12. Only you know.

“My mom’s having an affair, threw away 25+ years of marriage to cheat with someone who’s married and has 3 year old twins.

I wish I didn’t find out. I’m the only one who knows.”

13. Some people shouldn’t have pets.

“He said “it’s been like that for a week but it didn’t seem to be bothering her” when he brought his dog to be euthanized.

Her rear leg had been snapped and was dangling. I really wish I didn’t know that he’d waited a week to bring her in.”

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