What’s Something You Wish You Didn’t Know? Here’s What People Had to Say.

There are some things that are probably just left unsaid.

Maybe it has to do with your family, your partner, your job, or any number of other things.

But there’s no doubt that you’d just not know them after you get the truth.

What’s something you wish you didn’t know?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. That works.

“How to fix a printer.

Sometimes, I just play dumb when I’m asked…”

2. TMI.

“I know exactly where, when, and how I was made in grand detail.

I have no f**king idea why my parents felt the need to tell me this, but I now know and I wish I didn’t.”

3. Ahhhhh!

“There was a German k**ler that met a man who wanted to be eaten, they mutually agreed to delete their hard drive, meet and begin the process.

He was eventually k**led and eaten.

Germany didn’t keep him in prison long because the man technically consented on camera to wanting to be ate, weird story.”

4. Terrible.

“My MIL was a social worker in child protection.

Some babies have such a terrible start and get shouted at and hit that they basically just stay still and make no noise because that’s the only way they know not to “anger” their caregiver

They’re literally scared stiff.

The fact that there’s one baby like this is too many and now that I know it I can’t un-know it.

I h**e the thought of it.”

5. Ouch.

“Didn’t need to know the reason I’m mums least favorite child and I certainly didn’t need her to tell me what colour my step dad’s pubes are.

Didn’t need my Grandparents to tell me that they had s** the night before on the couch I was sitting on or my gran’s favourite position.

Also didn’t need to know my uncle only has one testicle or that my dad was in the room when my cousin was conceived. My family is far too open.”

6. That’s disappointing.

“If you’re drowning and a dolphin see’s you, it’s more likely to ignore you than save you.”

7. Nightmare fuel.

“There is a parasitic isopod that gets inside a fish’s mouth, severs the tongue, and lives in the fish’s mouth acting as a replacement tongue.”

8. Scary.

“Some tumors create their own blood system to keep themselves alive.

Also they can theoretically grow any organ.”

9. Bad friend.

“That my old buddy banged my ex three days after we split, before she and I got back together a month later.

He made a whole night and got me VIP seats at a show before he told me at least, but i couldve just gone my whole life without knowing.”

10. A lot of garbage out there.

“The extent of landfills.

I’m starting to get anxiety when I go into shops and see the plastic packaging on everything.

It’s becoming not only unsustainable but a serious concern.”

11. Look it up.

“I wish I had never heard of eyelash mites.

I’m also certain that all the people I have since then told about eyelash mites also wish they hadn’t heard of them, either.”

12. Thanks, Dad…

“My father photographed all the births, me and my siblings.

Each of us had a photo album growing up.

They started with the photos of our births.

My father took photos of us coming out…. of the v**ina.

This is the first page of my childhood photo album.”

What do you wish you didn’t know?

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