What’s a Subtle Sign That Someone Has Been Through a Lot in Life? Here’s What People Said.

Sometimes you can just tell

Certain people just move certain ways, react to things in certain ways, and say certain things that make you realize they’ve probably been through some s**t.

And today we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about how they think you can tell.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. You’re right.

“When they don’t ask for favors or help. Ever.

Lack of trust. No trust falls, no matter the person.

They don’t like it when people get them something, or they don’t like being the center of attention.

Their heart may be racing, but their face stays calm.

When they’re not disappointed when something bad happens. They accept it and keep moving.”

2. A big sign.

“Disproportionate reactions.

Their reactions to most things are normal or even low key, but occasionally they have a huge response to something minor.

Key sign of trauma.”

3. A bleak outlook.

“Always expect the worst.

You’re either always right, or pleasantly surprised.”

4. Over-the-top nice.

“Being the nicest person ever.

Of all the people I know, the nicest and most thoughtful, or caring are usually the one who have been through some s**t.

One is a Syrian who saw his brother getting k**led by a militia.

Still, he is probably the most nicest man I ever met, always ready to listen or help people even if their problems are like nothing compare to what he endured.”

5. No reaction.

“When you see someone deal with something extremely emotionally damaging or physically painful and they act like they don’t even notice it, like nothing’s changed.

When you see that you know they’ve seen the worst and nothing is gonna get to them.”

6. Learning from the past.

“Having to parent themselves when young or raise their siblings, might not have children but is really good with them.

They’ve have already gone through that chapter, which takes their own parenting opportunities away.”

7. Always prepared.


Most people who’ve dealt with horrendous situations now prepare for the proverbial worst.”

8. Don’t open up much.

“You probably talk to them about your problems but you can’t tell if them have any or if they’ve ever told you theirs.

Also, you don’t know much about them despite talking to them for a long time. Elusiveness hides things”

9. No trust.

“Not trusting people.

You could be friends for years, and think you’re close, but in fact, you don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on in their lives.

They could be staying up all night, being depressed, and tomorrow morning say hello with a smile on their faces. they simply don’t trust people anymore no matter what they do/don’t do.”

10. Just observing.

“The stillness in which they read a room.

Quiet and not attracting attention until they’re called upon.”

11. Passive.

“Children, who grow up in dysfunctional homes, homes where there’s a lot of fighting and aguing, when they’re adults, tend to h**e confrontation.

They lack self esteem and much more easily believe people who gaslight them. They don’t easily stand up for themselves.”

12. All alone.

“Isolation. At home, work, vacation.

People’s “advice” becomes repetitively annoying but you’re too worn down to even express it. There’s a part that goes missing in some people that can’t be replaced with any advice, therapy or other methods.

A sort of numbness and feeling that you are on a different level or plane of existence that you know humans probably shouldn’t veer into if it can be avoided.”

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