13 People Talk About What Gets Weirder and Weirder the More You Think About It

Life is weird.

Human beings are weird.

And the universe is weird.

It seems like there’s no escaping the weirdness!

But what gets weirder and weirder the more you think about it?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts on the matter.

1. True…

“The fact that everyone reading this has a whole life and this is the only time we will most likely ever interact.”

2. Sounds nice!


The fact that some waves of sound are pleasing and entertaining to listen to fascinates me and it always weirds me out a little when I think about it.”

3. Here you go…

“People pay the government taxes. Part of that money is given to schools. The school gives me a bit of it.

Some of the bit they give me goes to the government. Once a year, the government decides I gave too much and they give some back to me.”

4. Not pleasant.

“The fact that I’m going to d**.

Like yes, I get it… but I am going to d**… and someone will have to take care of my corpse…

No likey.”

5. All aboard the meat ship.


We are all just a floating bag of brain inside of a meat ship and yet we can think and act for ourselves.”

6. Thankful for this.

“The fact that we just chose an animal and no real communication ever takes place.

We just say, “you live with me now, I’m going to feed you and take care of you.””

7. It’s a miracle.

“How much we take our body for granted.

Can you imagine consciencely having to manually ensure our heart pumps, our livers filter, our stomach digests, etc, all at the precise times that they do? All of that goes on in the background.

It’s already a lot to process the world and adapt to things as they occur but there’s also so much going on in our bodies that we don’t have to worry about.”

8. Yeah, that’s weird.

“The internet.

Hundreds of boxes of lightning made of metal and plastic talking to each other so that I can blow air out of my nose at an image that isn’t even that funny.”

9. Wild stuff.

“Pregnancy in general.

There is literally a person growing in my abdomen right now and I can feel the moving around in there.

It’s amazing, but also freaky as hell. In fact, sometimes I get a little panicky if I think about it too much.”

10. Eerie.

“When you walk through a cemetery, you’re walking on top of hundreds of d**d people.

People who were alive at one point. Had jobs, families, hobbies, pets. And now they’re just laying under a pile of dirt. And you’re stepping on them.

Also, the fact that you can watch any old movie and everyone you see talking is d**d. And you probably stepped on them too.”

11. Got milk?

“The fact that as an adult it is deemed weird to drink a human’s breast milk, but to drink random animal’s breast milk is absolutely fine.”

12. Scary.


It’s the body turning on itself and eventually k**ling it, taking the cancer with it.

It’s h**icide and s**cide all at once.”

13. Kids can be smart.

“Had a kid ask me if space rocks have rock cycles.

He stunned me stupid for a solid two minutes and then the both of us immediately started looking online for answers.

I mean, space rocks have to come from somewhere, right? Since there is so much we don’t know about space and there are differences in natural occurances on other planets, what we know as the rock cycle may be completely different.

The pair of us concluded (with the help of google) that most rocks were made up of star dust from exploding stars and as they travel through space, they gather more particles and gain mass.

Right before class ended, he threw a parting question and asked then where the planets came from. Planets are technically rocks so if rocks are formed from exploding stars, was there a star big enough to leave decently sized rocks that would eventually become planets over millions, billions, and trillions of years? Or, is the universe just that big and that old that the planets could have started out the size of a grain of sand and gradually increased in size as time went on?

Been thinking about this a lot for the past five days and the more I think about it, the more odd it sounds.”

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