What Fake Things Do People Still Believe In? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

It seems like people believe in all kinds of fake things these days…and that’s not a good thing!

Not good at all…

What fake things do you think people believe in?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. I trust them…

“Product endorsements by celebrities.

Tom Selleck is trying to get old people to sign up for a reverse mortgage!”

2. Join us…

“I have a client who does Amway so a lot of their referrals to me are Amway people. It makes me sad because they all idolize this dude that’s “up the line” who quit his job.

It’s honestly cultish. None of them show any income from it on their taxes. It’s the craziest thing.”

3. False!

“That cheaters never win.

I know a guy who cheats on his wife constantly and yet, life always works out really well for him. Very successful, very prosperous.

I don’t understand sometimes.”

4. Oh, boy…

“High school many many years ago, boys claimed they could tell which girls had had s** by the way they walked…”

5. Think about it.

“Superior “natural” medicine.

Hint: if it works, it’s just called medicine.”

6. Ridiculous.

“That the Holocaust did not take place.

The weird thing is, there’s an uncomfortable amount of overlap between people who deny the Holocaust occured and people who equate mild inconvenience to N**i oppression and g**ocide.”

7. Learn about it.

“That ADHD always presents as being hyper, chatty, impulsive, or “all-over-the-place”.

ADD/ADHD are disorders that make it difficult to /regulate/ focus. Often, people with ADHD who appear inattentive are really just hyper-focused on something else, not unable to focus at all.

ADHD also presents very differently in women, but the DSM only based their definition on young men. Women with ADHD primarily experience intense feelings of overwhelm with everyday tasks (laundry, homework, cooking, etc), excessive daydreaming, difficulty starting tasks, and poor time perception/management. Untreated ADHD can cause depression & anxiety to develop, as well as intrusive thoughts of self harm and suicide.

Also, people believe ADHD is over-diagnosed and over-medicated when the opposite is true. It’s estimated only 1 in 20 women who have ADHD are ever diagnosed or treated, and women are usually diagnosed much later in life, suffering for years and being blamed for being disorganized, spacey, etc. Many men with ADHD also go untreated and undiagnosed.”

8. Goop.

“Gwyneth Paltrow’s entire beauty product brand, “Goop”.

If you haven’t looked into it before, you should.

Good luck keeping your brain cells alive through the experience.”

9. Left or Right?

“Left vs right brained people. No one is more right or left brained.

We use both regions of the brain equally. I know someone who still believes this.”

10. Jeez…

“That vaccines cause autism.

Any parent who uses this as an excuse to leave their child unvaccinated is basically saying they’d rather risk having their child d** from a completely preventable illness.”

11. Dummies.

“That dinosaurs never actually existed.

Paleontologist are paid by the government to ‘discover’ fossils.”

12. Life isn’t fair.

“I find the amount of people who believe in a just world to be terrifying.

I don’t know if all cultures are like this but in the US it seems to be the majority of people think that if something bad happens to someone they must have done something to deserve it and they think people who are rich and/or successful are that way because they are good people.”

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