What Do Most People Not Realize Is Illegal? Here’s How People Responded.

The world is full of strange laws.

And a lot of those strange laws are specific to a town, or a state, or a country.

And today we’re gonna learn about a whole bunch of them!

People on AskReddit talked about what most folks don’t even know is illegal.

Let’s have a look.

1. Down South.

“In Louisiana, if you bite someone with your natural teeth, that’s simple battery.

But if you bite someone with false teeth, it’s aggravated battery.”

2. Come on, Nevada!

“Double stops at stopsigns is illegal in Nevada. If you roll forward and stop again, you broke a law.

This is frustrating because they put stop signs really far back from the street in Nevada, so it is nearly impossible to safely turn without making a double stop.”

3. It’s good for everyone.

“Vermont has a law on the books (1999) that a “Good Faith” effort must be put in to serve apple pie with either a scoop of ice cream, cold milk, or a slice of cheddar cheese no less than 0.5oz.”

4. Stay away.

“It is illegal to initiate contact with a manatee, but you’re allowed to touch them as long as they touched you first.”

5. That’s weird.

“In Scotland, you cannot pick up roadk**l that you k**led with your own car.

However, the car behind you can pick it up and do whatever with it.”

6. Leave them alone!

“In North Carolina it is also unlawful to “worry the squirrels on the Capitol grounds.”

I read it with my own eyes while perusing criminal statutes one day.”

7. Cool sword.

“In Canada it’s illegal to walk around with a weapon for the purposes of self-defense.

However you can walk around with a weapon for litterally any other reason… you can literally have a samurai sword because it looks cool and that’s legal but if it’s for in case you’re attacked it’s illegal…”

8. Don’t do it…

“Waving someone on in traffic.

Only people like traffic cops and construction workers can direct traffic, and if you wave someone on and they get in an accident as a result you can be held liable.”

9. Enough to drive you nuts.

“In Japan, you can use your phone while stopped at a light but you can’t legally honk at someone who’s too busy playing on their phone in order to let them know that the light turned green.”

10. Let’s see your tickets.

“In France it is illegal to have live snails on a high speed train unless you purchase a ticket for the snails.”

11. Yes.

“Riding a bicycle while intoxicated.

I feel like people underestimate it because it’s a bike.

But you can actually get a DUI.”

12. In the UK.

“It’s Britain’s time to shine.

We have some weird laws that are still laws here. For example, in Liverpool, it’s illegal for a woman to be topless in the street unless she works in a shop which sells tropical fish. Weird right?

Well here’s another one: in London, it’s illegal to, and I quote, “handle salmon suspiciously”. Don’t know what constitutes as suspicious handling of salmon but there you go.”

What else is illegal that most people don’t know about?

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