13 People Talk About What Used to Be Cool but Now Makes Folks Cringe

Hey, old man…

That’s not cool anymore!

Uh oh…that doesn’t sound good, does it?

But it is true that things can be cool one day and then considered totally lame the next.

Check out what AskReddit users think used to be cool but is now cringeworthy.

1. Go back and watch it.

“I watched “About Last Night” recently , starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore.

Rob Lowe’s hairstyle. The gigantic, neon white sneakers worn by Demi.”

2. YOLO.

“I have one that was never cool – my 60-year old father still uses YOLO…but as a verb – as in “just YOLO it dude”.

I have heard him say this literal phrase. To. Patients. The responding look is either glee, utter confusion, or pain depending on their age.

Me? I just had to sit there and cringe and try not to let anyone know my last name.”

3. You’re right.


I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s – by the late 90’s the 80’s were “cringe” and so it happens, year after year, as trends change and people care about different things and grow – so does what is “cool” and what is “cringe”.”

4. Used to be cool…

“Most everything I do… or did… or liked… or listened to… according to my teenage kids.

I swear, I have never been made to feel worse about myself and my life choices than I have the last couple of years having 2 teenage daughters.

I swear… I used to be pretty cool.”

5. The old days.

“We had mullets, we had shoulder pads which you could land a helicopter on, and the perms.

We knew the only way to wear a jacket was to push the sleeves up, we wore neon. And don’t get me started on headbands, leg warmers, wearing sunglasses at night, iron-on patches and parachute pants.

Oh, and popped collars…. you could not be cool without a popped collar.”

6. Layers.

“In high school, I had a friend who’d always match his undershirt to the logo on his polo shirts.

One day he wore a polo where the logo was multiple colors…yes, he wore 3 different undershirts that day to match all three colors of the logo.”

7. Annoying.

“Nextel two-way phones.

I worked in an office where a bunch of people got them when they came out.

They were so freaking annoying when they sat in cubes to next each other doing that stupid walkie talkie s**t back and forth.”

8. Looking for upvotes.

“Lip syncing to conversations to get upvotes.

My son likes to watch these “try not to laugh” videos and a huge chunk of these idiots lip syncing to stupid conversations or scenes from a show or movie.”

9. They were serious.

“Visors worn side ways and upside down with legalize ranch style sunglasses worn in all seriousness.”

10. I remember…



Tattoos, shirts, jewelry…”

11. A mystery.

“Ear gauges.

Omg that was the “it” thing when I was in high school.

Graduated 10 years ago.”

12. All of this.

“Dabbing and also using the term “Boomer”.

Also – making a political comment in a thread that has nothing to do with the topic.”

13. Ugh.

“Calling dogs “doggo” and cats “catto”, as well as using words like “hekkin” and “smol”…”

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