13 People Who Love To Troll Scam Callers

Most of us don’t have a ton of free time these days. We don’t answer calls from people we don’t know, and we’re more than happy to send anything flagged as spam straight to the voicemail dustbin.

Some people like to have a little fun with these folks, though, and given that their job is to take advantage of the vulnerable, it’s hard to feel sorry for them.

So please, enjoy these 13 pretty funny ways to troll scam callers.

13. That was probably your soulmate.

Post it on missed connections.

12. Simple but effective.

She saved at least one other person.

11. They really answer the questions?

They’re not paying attention to their own job, huh.

10. Listening is a skill.

Bless their hearts.


9. As long as they’re on the line they don’t have to take another call.


8. I wonder how effective this is.

One day someone is going to say yes.

7. He must be on some kind of list.

I would like to get on one, too.

6. I mean, she’s not hurting anyone.

It could definitely be worse.

5. Points for perseverance.

Negative points for human compassion.

4. I want to be this lady’s friend.

She seems delightful.

3. Totally diabolical.

I love it.

2. They’re pretty sure it’s a joke…

But what if it’s not?

1. You’d think they would do at least a little research.

I guess it’s all a number’s game.

I could never come up with this stuff but I love reading it.

Do you have a standard way you troll these folks? Tell us about it in the comments!