Woman Tries Rideshare “Name Scam” on Driver And He’s Not Buying It

Ridesharing is one of those cultural things that has gotten more and more common in the past decade. Lyft, Uber, and all similar companies are there to take the place of a taxi in cities where taxies are rare, and to perhaps be a cheaper, cleaner, more flexible alternative to boot.

That said, there has always been a certain amount of concern regarding safety when one grabs a ride from a stranger, right? We’ve gone through a bunch of iterations of best practices, from making sure the driver knows your name, to you verifying the driver’s name, everyone taking pictures at the beginning and end of the ride, and to not being able to change your destination once the ride is booked.

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People, of course, are still people and will do their best to take advantage of things (especially if there’s a chance of getting something for free) – and people are weighing in on whether or not this Uber driver went too far in refusing to verify his ride’s name before she verified his.

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In the video, titled “Karen Gets Mad When Uber Driver Does NOT Say Her Name,” driver Dustin refuses to say her name before she verifies that she knows his name from the confirmation on the app.

From the driver’s perspective, he seems concerned that if he said “Karen?” that she could just say yes and jump in whether or not she’s the one who booked the ride.

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She could, of course, be worried that he was not the Uber driver she’d booked but some homicidal maniac looking to do a murder, but I mean…someone has to blink first, right?

The comments seem split on whether or not Dustin’s attitude left something to be desired or he was totally justified in his refusal.

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A third faction figure the woman had booked the ride but was actually just a Karen who wanted to win a petty argument with a driver she probably saw as “beneath” her or something, which I’m sorry to say is 100% possible.

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