13 Pilots Reveal What They Wish They Could Tell Passengers

We know that being a pilot is not easy and it comes with a ton of pressure to keep everyone on board safe and comfortable.

I’ve been on enough plane rides to know that the seatbelt sign is on for a reason. I’ve found turbulence can pretty uncomfortable and usually a few passengers voice their displeasure when it happens. Unfortunately, turbulence isn’t the only thing pilots have to worry about.

Pilots are human beings like us and they think of lots of things in addition to lifting off, flying and landing.

Here are 13 confessions from pilots they wish people knew but will never share.

1. Taking off brings out their inner child

You would say it, too.

I love to watch the skyline tilt as the plane ascends. It makes me feel like I’m a kid on my way to Disney World again!

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2. Prankster

That’ll keep ’em awake. Unfortunately none of my pilots have cracked jokes over the AV system.

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3. Not immune to fear

Facing their fears every day. Inspiring!

I don’t think I could do this job. I enjoy flying, but I’m not good with heights.

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4. Sleepy head

A passenger seat is better for a cat nap.

I’ve never seen a pilot asleep in the cabin, but if I was a pilot, I think I would consider doing it.

I’m nocturnal, so it could happen!

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5. Not perfect

Hey, it’s a lot to memorize! There are so many things to remember and manage. It’s remarkable.

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6. The sky is their playground

But they’ll put the seatbelt sign on, at least. Thank goodness none of my pilots ever did this.

The image of the heart is on point because mine would be out of my chest!

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7.  A hero

We’d all want to brag about it, to be honest.

All of my flights have been flown by very professional, skilled pilots, which means flying hasn’t exactly exciting.

I don’t have a wild personal story about a heroic pilot, but I treasure feeling safe.

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8. Wow

So it’s not just in the movies, then.

I really hope this isn’t common among pilots. It disturbs me that it happens at all.

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9. Sleep-Deprived

Not exactly a comforting thing to read. I’m going to be thinking about this the next time I’m on a plane. (Shudders)

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10. No room for illness

The stakes are high. I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to wonder if your health or a perceived health issue could end your career.

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11. A Power Trip

Well that’s one way to pass the time…

I loved to pull stunts like this as a kid when I was bored, but as an adult at work? I’m not sure.

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12. They pay a price for a career in the sky

That’s so sad. Poor kid. I would have missed my dad so much if he was absent this much.

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13. Their thoughts can be darker than an overnight flight

Horror movie material. I hope pilots are evaluated for problematic thoughts.

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Next time I get on the plane I’m definitely going to wonder what my pilots have gone through in their careers and I’m grateful all of my flights have been uneventful — not even any screaming children!

I will make a point to thank my pilots on my next flight — whenever that will be.

Has your pilot ever shared any stories with the passengers about life in the skies?

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