13 Random Ways Gay Men Met Their Boyfriends

Some of my favorite love stories are of gay couples overcoming adversity to find each other, despite the odds and the numerous roadblocks that society has constructed.

After all, who didn’t love Schitt’s Creek?

Sometimes they might have to look in unconventional places, but it’s good to know love is out there.

Here are 13 random places gay men found love.

1. Sometimes all it takes is a kiss

There’s a reason the lyric goes, “It’s in his kiss.”

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2. It’s nice when you can find someone in high school

Because school is hard enough without one more thing.

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3. After graduation, you might consider joining a gym

I personally hate the gym, but it seems like a good place to meet buff guys.

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4. If the gym is too intense, you could join a sporting club

If I had known there were skee ball teams, I’d have been a lot sportier.

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5. And then of course there are nightclubs

And strip clubs.

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6. It’s ok to spend your 20s pursuing interesting professions

Apparently it’s more common than you might think.

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7. Jumping out of a birthday cake is optional

Jumping out of a wedding cake would be next level.

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8. If clubs aren’t your thing, there’s always the internet

And so many apps.

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9. Like, SO many apps

An app for every occasion.

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10. There’s an app for that too

You just never know.

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11. And if apps aren’t your thing, there’s always games

The trick is to find your tribe.

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12. And for the truly brave-at-heart: just make a connection

TikTok, Twitter, Instagram. Any DM will do.

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13. Or make a connection in person

Fruit and veg can be extremely erotic.

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The truth is, you just never know where you’ll meet your special someone–but to find them, you have to put yourself out there and be ready to embrace love.

Do you have similarly fun stories about meeting your BAE? Tell us all about it in the comments.