13 Sick Reasons People Lost Their Jobs

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Losing your job is the worst. It can mess with your head and your self confidence.

Getting fired brings so any new worries, at a time when you don’t have the headspace to deal with them.

But it’s even worse, when you’ve already got a lot going on.

1. How long is too long though?

Are we talking days? Hours?

A good boss might have suggested a nice fiber supplement.

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2. I’m sensing a theme

Why are employers so obsessed with potty breaks?

What do they think you’re doing in there?

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3. They were afraid she’d spend all day crying in the bathroom?

This one is so heartless I don’t even know what to say.

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4. Don’t they know there’s a movie about this?

They were afraid she’d stay after hours to make amazing new flavors of pie.

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5. What a headache

Whether or not it’s wrongful termination, you gotta hope karma gets them in the end.

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6. I guess that’s one way to avoid a lawsuit?

Or to get out of paying short term disability?

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7. It’s called the Emergency Room for a reason, guys

It’s nice to actually see one where the good guy wins.

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8. I guess their boss wasn’t a family man

Anti-family, even. Just wow.

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9. There’s a special place in hell for this employer

I mean, what exactly is a “good excuse” if not this?

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10. Pretty sure working there would give me a panic attack

That guy can join the other one in The Bad Place.

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11. Do they think it’s a gourmet celery restaurant?

No, really, do they?

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12. If they didn’t immediately get their job back then this one wins them all

I mean, you can get a doctor’s note for that right?

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13. I feel like there’s got to be a better way to say it

Somehow I’m in awe of both the worker and the boss.

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard such awful reasons–beyond the workers’ control–for being let go from a job.

What about you? Share your story in the comments.