13 Things People Think Are A Super Strange Flex

One of the coolest things about human beings is how we have slightly different perspectives on the world. That can be great when you’re looking to expand your horizons or try to understand another way of thinking.

It can be pretty cringe, though, when someone flexes about something you consider to be downright despicable – like these 13 things, which people say definitely aren’t something to brag about.

13. The luck of the draw.

Inherited wealth.

12. Setting yourself up for failure.

Smoking/Vaping as a teenager.

11. This might be the weirdest one here.

Not drinking water.

I worked with a woman who told the break room she only drank water if it started to hurt when she peed.

Ummm. Maybe drink water and you wouldn’t have that problem?

10. Hard to understand.

How little they know. As a teacher I see pride in ignorance all the time.

9. They’re supposed to be learning.

“half of my students fail”

like congrats, you suck at your job

I had a professor who graded everything on a perfect bell curve. Every assignment

the top 6% got As

The next 25% got Bs

The next 38% got Cs

The next 25% got Ds

And the lowest 6% got Fs

Didn’t matter what your actual grade was, just your score in relation to your classmates. I scored 93/100 points on exam 1 and got a C

8. A universal truth.

What a great person they are.

If you have to verbalize it, chances are you’re not as great as you think.

“Any man who must say ‘I am King’ is no true king.”

7. Survival of the fittest.

Not being able to do basic tasks. “I can’t even boil water, I’m so quirky!”

No, you’re not, you’re a disappointment.

6. Pretty stinking gross.

Cheating. No quicker way to out yourself as a complete piece of shit than bragging about how much d*%k / pu$$y you’re getting on the side.

A girl started telling me about some guy she was texting while she had a boyfriend and when the one she was texting found out she had a boyfriend he was understandably upset.

She thought the whole situation was hilarious. I didn’t text her after that.

5. What’s wrong with books?

People should be discouraged from bragging about how uneducated they are. The fact that you don’t read books, don’t like school, or did poorly in education is not something to take honor from.

The amount of people who tell me they don’t read books is astronomical. The prompt for telling me that? Me, minding my own business reading a book. Strangers feel the need to enlighten me. I do not understand why.

4. A valid translation.

“If YoU cAnT hAnDlE mE aT mY wOrSt, ThEn YoU dOnT dEsErVe Me At mY bEsT”

Translation: no-one can (or wants to) handle the ‘worst’, so there actually is no ‘best’.

3. Literally no one cares.

Penis size, because usually it’s a guy bragging to other guys and I mean if that’s your bag all power to you but I’ve had more conversations with Insecure dudes about their d*%ks than I’d like.

And they always say “OK I’m just kidding it’s average”. Like I give a f**k, save it for the bedroom.

2. It’s not smart.

How much anything cost. Former brother in law bragged about how much his clothes cost all the time. I couldn’t help myself.

We were at a reunion and he was bragging to someone else about his nice leather coat that cost $600, and I just had to point out that he could have put that towards his truck payment and it wouldn’t have been repossessed.

1. Don’t pass on trauma.

having difficult childhoods.

People often feel butthurt when they see a child being treated with respect and act like the kid is being spoiled because they can’t admit to themselves that the way they were raised was abusive and should absolutely not be repeated with the next generations

I would definitely be cringing if I heard someone bragging about these things in public (or private, for that matter).

What’s the most awkward flex you’ve heard from someone? Tell us the story down in the comments!